Dec. 24th, 2011

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My layout is different for the first time in FOREVER. It's a hot mess right now because I still have to frig with the colours and stuff but it's a good step toward a new look. I also have custom comment pages enabled WHICH I HATE but it's the only way the comment box looks like it used to. Sorry peeps, if you hate them as much as I do.

Went to the internist today and he ordered a buttload of blood tests to see if he can track down what's up with my elevated white blood cells. Going back to 2008 they were high so who knows? Right now they're on the slightly upper side of normal so he doesn't seem TOO concerned but if the numbers jump up he said he'd order a bone marrow test, yikes.

My glucose test did NOT come back well so in the New Year when I see my doctor I'll be more than prepared for a diagnosis of diabetes. For the meantime I'm going to enjoy the holiday and start looking at a gym membership.

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