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I don't know why I spent all evening working on this. It's nice to start and finish something all in one night, though, especially something that I normally probably wouldn't have spent much time on normally. I was pretty focused. I have opinions, I guess. And on such earth shattering things! ;)

I also did a meme yesterday where you give me numbers and I answer based on the corresponding questions! It can be found here and I've been having fun doing it!

First up-- the "I... what?" category. Kinda speaks for itself.

When I was looking through photos last night the only one out of these people I saw was Thomas Jane and ... well, at least he's wearing shoes? He marches to the beat of his own drummer and while I can't fault him for that I just... no.

Jamie King looks like she got her dress from Drew Barrymore's closet in 1996.

Erin Wasson... I don't even know. Isn't this woman a designer of some kind? Maybe not a clothing designer?

I feel bad for putting Emily Watson on here just because there's technically nothing wrong with her dress. I just can't look at it without my eyes glazing over and wondering why she's standing as if she's covered in acid and it hurts too much to let her limbs touch her body. Also, SO BORING.

There were far more "I can't" fashions, which I consider a step up from "I... what?" because at least with most of these I can tell where the people were coming from.

Piper Perabo is here moreso for HOW she showed off her dress, rather than the dress itself. She seemed somewhat akin to a drunk fairy or tree sprite, showing off her shoes by gathering up her volumous skirt and making fun(ny) faces, etc. If she'd J.Lo'd her way down the red carpet she just would have ended up in "yawn" cause, man, this dress is a snooze.

I made a comment on Twitter that I get she's engaged but showing up to events in what looks like antique wedding dresses isn't the way to find the right one. Especially frumpy ones. Also, your hair is not good.

NATALIE PORTMAN DID NOT END UP IN THIS CATEGORY BECAUSE I CAN'T STAND HER. She almost ended up in "Hippy Hippy Shake" because of that damn... ass napkin. But all over this is a mess. It's got too much material, the colour's loud, it doesn't seem to fit her well. Also, I kind of can't stand her.

Too many dresses this year had so much extra fabric! Especially at the bottom of the dresses and they looked so heavy and like they made a lot of noise when you moved. This one looks like it would be itchy around the ankles and like it's hard to walk in. Plus, the bodice is WEIRD. It doesn't look finished or as if that's what goes UNDER the dress but someone bent the underwire all our of place. Elle's hair looks good, though.

Oh, and every time I see the Golden Globes logo like that I think it's the Golden Compass, which is weird because I never even saw that movie, nor do I have any connection to it other than thinking Nicole Kidman had WAY too much botox in that era.

In the second photo Busy Phillips looks like she's giving everyone a face like--"What? Yes, they're fringe. Whatever."

I enjoy Amanda Peet. I liked her in Jack & Jill with Ivan Sergei, I liked her in The Whole Nine Yards (and was still at the age to be slightly scandalized that she was naked for 3 seconds) and I really liked her in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I think she has an effortless look and I love her hair and smile. I don't, however, like her fashion sense. It's so white and fluffy and Little House on the Prairie for the new century-esque.

Mila Kunis, no! Don't you remember that ugly black sheer thing Gwenyth wore that one time when she had saggy boobs and, yes, it looked worse than yours, but SAGGY BOOBS! Remember? If you don't now you have your own way to relate to it. I really hope that blind item about you coming off coke and being all crotchety pants isn't true. Smile if it isn't, mmmkay?

Here's my beef with this dress: Nicole Richie is a stick thin tiny thing. Yet she looks like she's got meat on her bones in this dress. Is that a good thing? YES! Looking like you haven't starved for a month (not that I'm saying that's what she does) is great! But could you imagine how this would look on someone who DOES have more than 2% body fat? Those downward v's point and cling to the curviest places on a woman so I doubt it would be very forgiving for someone bigger than her. Also, her boobs in the second photo look huge (for her) and like they're being drawn to opposite poles of the earth.

Kaley Cuocco is SO DAMN CUTE. But the girl can't dress herself for an event to save her life. She looks like a sad wedding cake.

The next three ladies suffer from TMF! Too Much Fabric! Kelly, Julianne and Debra all have those dresses I mention above that look like they'd be heavy and noisy. Debra's especially. Look at all those gathers and folds and bunches and UGH! Julianne's dress is based on a design that actually goes all the way up to the neck and is very square, which you can't really see in this photo. Kelly's dress is just SO matronly. And boring. And her boobs look like chocolate chips. I don't mind her hair colour, though, but not the slicked back whatever she's got going on.

Michelle Williams is so cute and everyone adores her now that she does artier movies and was Heath's last (and likely only) great love. I don't mind her, but I don't care much about her, either. I've never been too keen on her fashion but at least usually what she wears is fairly innocuous. This, however, is BORING. And it looks velvety in the close up which weirds me out a bit. I guess this works on her, but it's so tame and, again, BORING.

Jessica Chastain is another one who everyone adores right now and I think the only thing I've seen her in is that one episode of Veronica Mars she did. She seems nice enough. But to echo what other people have been saying recently--gurl, fire your stylist. Put her in something that shows off her shoulders and collar bone and is emerald green. Stop putting her in pale shit or 10,000 colours at once, and stop doing weird stuff to her hair. Also, it's pretty bad when you've got something so tight around your waist that it almost qualifies you for "Hippy Hippy Shake".

I had one shot of Charlize in my "Love" folder but it was from her ribcage and up only. I love the colour of this on her. I think it looks gorgrous on her. Maybe this shouldn't be in "Yawn" but I didn't think it was just an "It'll do" or a "I can't", either. It was just kinda... flat. Which is weird considering it's a mullet AND napkin dress. But it's almost like someone threw a bunch of shit together at the waist and was like--DONE! Boobs up? Awesome. Ribcage down? Meh.

The only dress I feel kinda bad putting in "Yawn" here is Jessica Alba's, because it IS pretty on her. The colour is awesome against her skin. But the dress itself? BORING! It looks like a wedding dress that was dyed.

Kate Winslet plays it safer than safe in this. It fits her well and it's nice but it's DULL.

Heidi Klum, you are a model and a former Victoria's Secret model, at that. WTF?

Katherine McPhee your shoes blend into your feet. Like, when I look down at your photo I can't tell where your shoes meet your skin. The cut of that dress is nice but holy BEIGE, Batman!

And Julie Bowan, YOU TOO! BEIGE! You DO look like Grace Kelly here! Grace Kelly going to the prom! Live a little!

These dresses were fine. They caught my eye but didn't make me blink. They'll "do".

I feel like if this were in a different colour, like black, I wouldn't have looked twice at it. The red, and especially the closeup of the detail on her chest, keeps me looking for more. Almost like I could fall in love with it. The skirt part keeps me at bay, though.

I don't know what it is about this one I don't like. Perhaps the mermaid tail, maybe because it has all that extra fabric I don't like. Maybe because it looks like she can't sit down in it. Maybe because it looks like she drove through a windtunnel before she got the GGs that night. Maybe I just don't like Reese Witherspoon right now, although I have nothing against her and could probably like her. I don't know. It just doesn't get to the top for me.

This was almost a "Yawn" but there is some spice to this dress. The open back and the dazzle at the shoulders is interesting. The front is pretty vanilla, though. I see the dress more than I see Claire Danes, though.

I want this dress to be a LOVE so badly! But there's SO MUCH GODDAMN FABRIC! It's so FROOFY at the bottom I can't stand it! I haven't seen a full body shot of Emily Blunt but from what I saw of her at the podium I loved THAT. This is an AWESOME colour and Paula Patton looks AMAZING in it! But it's so over the top for me.

Nicole Kidman's hair looks amazing. That's a great colour for her if she's not going to go back to RED again. Keep it here, darling. The dress... it flatters her. It hugs her and doesn't look BAD but I just can't love it. The parts on her boobs especially. They look like too-large leaves, almost like lobster claws or something. I just can't.

Technically there was nothing wrong with any of these dresses. Laura Dern's was pretty, Sarah Hyland's was sophisticated but age appropriate (and thank god it has the black lace to break up that colour!) and Kate Bekinsale's has a nice shape to it (although she almost went into "yawn"). My boss and I were looking through the dresses today and when we Sarah Hyland's on-screen sister (don't know her name) she gasped and was like, "Oh, no!" but I said, "No, it's okay, she's 14." Immediately she was like, "Oh! Okay!" Because that dress is age appropriate for a 14 year old. But thank god she wasn't 20 or something. It's a gorgeous colour, though.

The Loves!

Normally I don't give two hoots what Tilda Swinton's wearing. I really only know what she's up to thanks to [ profile] ohnotheydidnt and The Fug Girls. But as soon as I saw this photo of her I was in love with this outfit. The colour looks awesome on her, it's fitted, her hair is cool--this is all Swinton! I think she looks amazing!

This is TOTALLY Emma Stone's look. She looks so MYSTERIOUS! The colours are awesome on her and I love that red bit along the side.

The dress looks so amazing on Viola Davis. It's SO simple but the colour is so eye-catching and against her skin it makes her glow all over.

I'm still kinda waffling on this one because there's nothing particularly SPECIAL about it but god, do I love that green. I don't, however, like Zooey. I don't know why, just don't like her. This dress, however, catches my eye and makes me want for there to be more green.

I know Sarah Michelle Gellar is taking some flack for this dress but I don't care, I love it. I don't like all that extra fabric at her waist, I think it would look better without it, but I LOVE the smokey, liquidy look to the colour. It's eye-catching and she stands out incredibly on the carpet.

This one wounds my soul. I hate Lea Michelle. Can't stand her. Can't stand her show. Hate her character. This dress, though? Fuck, I love it. And she wears it well. NOt sure the Golden Globes is the place for this dress but damn if I didn't stop and stare for a while.

Maria Menounos (sp?) is pretty much a non-entity on my radar but this dress is amazing. I wish more people wore COLOUR! It's a touch tight but this one that's a little tight is better than any of the ones with all that extra FLOOF.

Julianna Margulies! I wish you'd let your hair down (literally, lady, where are all your gorgeous curls of late?) but this dress is AWESOME and totally calls for pulled back hair. Again, COLOUR! Bravo for being one of the brave ones!

Helen Mirren, does she ever make a misstep on the red carpet? I love this. It's so simple and effortless but it's so elegant!

Yes, there are two photos of Evan Rachel Woods here. I don't know if I like her too much but damn if I didn't fall in love with her dress last night. From the colour, to the blend of different materials and fabrics and the way it looked on her, it was a winner in my books!

So was Angelina JOlie's! I am normally pretty bored by her fashion choices because she sticks with black a lot so this was a shock when I first saw her. It's white but it's white done well and that one blast of red is MASTERFUL! It's SO attention-grabbing!
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