Jan. 30th, 2012 12:25 am
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I was just looking through my icon folder which, of course, has hundreds (literally) of unposted icons because I'm partly lazy and partly weird. Mostly lazy. But mostly weird.

Anyhoo. So I was checking the dates on some of them and the earliest one I found of the ones I checked was from JUNE of TWO-THOUSAND AND NINE. aokdhaoihaodihad.


That means I'm going to be posting some fucking old icons this week, I guess.

This icon is new, though. Damn, I enjoy making animated icons. Stupid size limits, though.

In other news I mandolin'd a good chunk of my thumb off Saturday night (mom said there was some "meat" to it) when I was slicing a sweet potato so now I'm kinda doing everything one-handed. I almost barfed yesterday while it was gushing (which isn't like me but I chalked up to just being in shock since it's a rather bad cut) but also this morning when mom changed the bandage for me and the reaction was even WORSE. She had to get me a chair and bucket, I had to close my eyes and I was sweating like a pig but my face felt like ice.

WTF, self?!

I haven't even properly washed it yet because I was scared it would start bleeding again today so that'll be my daring thing in the morning before I wake mom up to re-bandage me. Because I'm a pussy who needs her mommy. Also, it's hard to bandage yourself with one hand.
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Those image gallery sites that make the window smaller and smaller with every pic you open, if you don't re-maximize the screen every time. SO ANNOYING! And if you get confused with your tabs, if you just try to grin and bear it without re-maximizing, you end up closing some tabs.

Anyway. Working on some request icons. I'm having a fun time with them, actually. Hoping to be done tomorrow.

Still trying to decide if I want to take Monday off. Have someone coming for dinner (hopefully), my landlord is coming over to replace the tiles that leaked through and I don't want Gracie to piss on anything again and I have a doctor's appointment. I could miss some work, I guess. Maybe. We'll see. Maybe a half day.

Went to a comedy show last night that featured Mike MacDonald (the Canadian, not the one from Mad TV) and man, was I disappointed. The opening guy was good, not great, but Mike was possibly drunk? Or super, SUPER tired, I don't know. He was completly oblivious to the lack of reposnse from the crowd and there were only one or two people laughing near the end. Didn't help that the micophone kept acting up, too, although once the first guy got back up to close the night he didn't have a problem with it so... hmm. Part of me hopes the second show a couple hours later was better although the rest of me doesn't because I don't want them to have seen a better show. /selfih first world problems

Anyone with Words with Friends want to have a game? I'm Erins26. Hit me up!


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