Jan. 30th, 2012 12:25 am
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I was just looking through my icon folder which, of course, has hundreds (literally) of unposted icons because I'm partly lazy and partly weird. Mostly lazy. But mostly weird.

Anyhoo. So I was checking the dates on some of them and the earliest one I found of the ones I checked was from JUNE of TWO-THOUSAND AND NINE. aokdhaoihaodihad.


That means I'm going to be posting some fucking old icons this week, I guess.

This icon is new, though. Damn, I enjoy making animated icons. Stupid size limits, though.

In other news I mandolin'd a good chunk of my thumb off Saturday night (mom said there was some "meat" to it) when I was slicing a sweet potato so now I'm kinda doing everything one-handed. I almost barfed yesterday while it was gushing (which isn't like me but I chalked up to just being in shock since it's a rather bad cut) but also this morning when mom changed the bandage for me and the reaction was even WORSE. She had to get me a chair and bucket, I had to close my eyes and I was sweating like a pig but my face felt like ice.

WTF, self?!

I haven't even properly washed it yet because I was scared it would start bleeding again today so that'll be my daring thing in the morning before I wake mom up to re-bandage me. Because I'm a pussy who needs her mommy. Also, it's hard to bandage yourself with one hand.
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Bought my first round of meds for my diabetes. I have a $50 deductible that gets paid at the start of the year so that kinda threw me for a loop when I saw the total. $107 and change. Luckily it's all claimable on taxes and all but jesus.

Speaking of the diabetes, it seems to be going okay. I'm trying to watch what I eat and I don't know if it's a placebo effect or if it really IS the meds but I find I DON'T want junky food as much. The doc said that the meds will help curb the desire, which is awesome. I'm still not eating as I SHOULD but I AM eating somewhat better. Yesterday my system had a bad reaction to a sub from Quiznos, though, so either it's the meds or my body has just had it with a lot of bread and such. It definitely wasn't something off with the sub since it passed through my system quickly so it wasn't food poisoning.

I'm having some trouble feeling satisfied without as much sugar. I'm a huge sugar fan (hi, it's why I'm in this mess, partially) so I have to find some things that are as good as sugar but aren't. Fruit is okay and I know some people are all- YAY, FRUIT! I don't need sugar! But I'm SO not. I like to put sugar ON my fruit. It's going to take some adjusting, for sure. But I don't WANT to be on the WHEE SUGAR! bandwagon. I so DON'T want to like it this much.

Overslept this morning, AGAIN. I don't know what to do to NOT sleep through my fucking alarms. It's not even a matter of putting one across the room, I have slept through ALL of them that I have set up. I have about 6, just to be clear. An alarm clock, a sleep tracker alarm on my phone and four more staggered phone alarms. The phone is right by my head so the sleep app can track my movements so it's right by my ear. Sometimes I DO wake up and turn them off, or accidentally fall back asleep after being awake but other times I simply sleep through all of them. It's been so bad that while I was napping a few weeks ago my alarm kept going off and my mom, who was also trying to nap upstairs, across the house, came down stairs and had to turn it off for me.

I don't know what's going to happen once we finally get winter here. We had a little bit of snow around the start of December and a few cold days but it's been CRAZY here for the past month or so. We've broken so many records because of the unseasonably warm temps. We had a couple chilly days this week but now it's going back up again. No snow, no frost on the windshields when we get up in the morning--I don't know what to think! Winter hasn't even started for us yet so it's fucking with my head and making me feel like it's more like spring. I'm in for a rude awakening once the weather finally catches up with the time of year it's SUPPOSED to be.

I think Mom and I are going to see "Joyful Noise" Saturday night. Cheesy as hell but I don't care. I like Queen Latifa and I like choir movies, surprisingly enough. And next week AD and I are going to see "Beauty and the Beast" in 3D!

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This week was so weird! And now it's 2012 and I simply can't believe it. I honestly don't know where 2011 went.

I didn't get depressed AT ALL this year about the holidays! I'm usually quite bereft about the whole occasion, sentimental and all up in my head about stupid stuff but this year was so easy and casual and YAY. God bless my anti-depressants, seriously.

My cousin and his fiance came for the weekend and I think I warmed to her more this weekend than I have in the past few years combined. It's not that I didn't LIKE her but I have found her controlling and I haven't put much stock in their relationship, honestly. But this time around... I don't know. It felt different, something she even commented on at the end.

I went out Boxing day shopping and pretty much only picked up a buttload of blurays. Getting up so early, then sleeping until early afternoon once I came home fucked up my day and for the rest of it I almost felt hung over. The rest of the week passed by uneventfully, albeit quickly, at work.

I started training SS on pages and she did Monday's, so that was cool. My supervisor only talked about starting her training last week so I was like-- hey, let's get her trained for when CH comes back!

I had an appointment with the internal doctor or whatever the fuck he's called and he wasn't too concerned with the elevated white blood cells. He only had one other test prior to 2011 to refer to from 2008, I think, and that one ALSO had an elevated count so, personally, I'm thinking that's just the way I roll. He did, however, say I should continue taking a dose of iron a day because although my count has come back up it's on the low side of average. I'm just as happy to do that, honestly, because I was feeling pretty good on it, actually.

I also got an appointment with my clinic's RN and it was all about my glucose fasting and yes, I have type 2 diabetes (diabetus for you Wilford Brimley fans). The good thing, though, is that the med they started me on for it isn't the standard one, it's this injected thing that I take once a day and can help me lose weight! The way it was explained to me is that it's marketed as a diabetes drug right now but with further testing it could go on the market for weight loss, as well. Some people have tried it without altering their diet and have lost 25-ish lbs! I'm not relying on this as how I'm going to lose weight, but it will certainly help out! I refuse to let it be a way for me to get out of changing my diet and I definitely have to look into getting a gym membership. The doc even said that once I lose some weight there's a good chance I won't be diabetic any more so there's that, too!

I shit the bed on the last day of my Advent Calendar postings but in my defense WOW I ACTUALLY STAYED WITH IT TO THE ALMOST VERY END!!!

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