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This week was so weird! And now it's 2012 and I simply can't believe it. I honestly don't know where 2011 went.

I didn't get depressed AT ALL this year about the holidays! I'm usually quite bereft about the whole occasion, sentimental and all up in my head about stupid stuff but this year was so easy and casual and YAY. God bless my anti-depressants, seriously.

My cousin and his fiance came for the weekend and I think I warmed to her more this weekend than I have in the past few years combined. It's not that I didn't LIKE her but I have found her controlling and I haven't put much stock in their relationship, honestly. But this time around... I don't know. It felt different, something she even commented on at the end.

I went out Boxing day shopping and pretty much only picked up a buttload of blurays. Getting up so early, then sleeping until early afternoon once I came home fucked up my day and for the rest of it I almost felt hung over. The rest of the week passed by uneventfully, albeit quickly, at work.

I started training SS on pages and she did Monday's, so that was cool. My supervisor only talked about starting her training last week so I was like-- hey, let's get her trained for when CH comes back!

I had an appointment with the internal doctor or whatever the fuck he's called and he wasn't too concerned with the elevated white blood cells. He only had one other test prior to 2011 to refer to from 2008, I think, and that one ALSO had an elevated count so, personally, I'm thinking that's just the way I roll. He did, however, say I should continue taking a dose of iron a day because although my count has come back up it's on the low side of average. I'm just as happy to do that, honestly, because I was feeling pretty good on it, actually.

I also got an appointment with my clinic's RN and it was all about my glucose fasting and yes, I have type 2 diabetes (diabetus for you Wilford Brimley fans). The good thing, though, is that the med they started me on for it isn't the standard one, it's this injected thing that I take once a day and can help me lose weight! The way it was explained to me is that it's marketed as a diabetes drug right now but with further testing it could go on the market for weight loss, as well. Some people have tried it without altering their diet and have lost 25-ish lbs! I'm not relying on this as how I'm going to lose weight, but it will certainly help out! I refuse to let it be a way for me to get out of changing my diet and I definitely have to look into getting a gym membership. The doc even said that once I lose some weight there's a good chance I won't be diabetic any more so there's that, too!

I shit the bed on the last day of my Advent Calendar postings but in my defense WOW I ACTUALLY STAYED WITH IT TO THE ALMOST VERY END!!!

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The dog shit downstairs again. This time, however, I didn't see it. I stepped in it and tracked it on my slippers from the laundry room to my room.


Cue my mom and I scrubbing at the beige-y coloured carpet for a half hour and her scrubbing my slippers because Gia is her dog.

This is the second time she's done this. She's never done this before, at least not in the year that mom's had her. So it's a bit surprising. And why she has to shit in MY area. On CARPET. FFFFFFFUUUUUUU.

I'm taking the day off tomorrow and I'm quite excited by that. I'm going to sleep in, go get blood work done, maybe use the rest of a giftcard to have breakfast and decorate the tree.

Advent stuffs! I'm a touch late with today's.

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Six months ago a day like today might have really bummed me out because it was hectic and it felt like I was going in a thousand directions at once. But I got my shit done and my boss is back tomorrow and I'm pretty okay. A couple things stuck with me that I didn't like but I'll get through them.

AD said I should call my bursts of frantic activity "meth moments" because I talk a mile a minute while moving in turbo speed and doing a billion things at once, usually all of a sudden. For instance today when I was stewing over one of the things that really stuck with me I decided to recycle all the overruns of shit we don't need, despite them having sat around for about six months. Done and done. I also put away the boogie boards that have been hanging around in our department since decorating in JULY. So that's something.

I'd prefer to not sleep until 7:30 when I have to be to work for 8am to OPEN THE PAPER, though. Yeah.

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My Advent calendar so far:

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Only 20 days until Christmas, y'all. I can't believe it's coming so quickly! It will be here before we know it. I'm most excited to have a bazillion four day weeks coming up. This week I'm taking Friday off, then we get the 23rd off in lieu of the 25th, the 26th and the 2nd. Holy jeez.

I'm actually looking forward to January because that's when my benefits through work reset. Because of my physio I blow through my paramedical coverage in a heartbeat. I'm going to go to a chiropractor for the first time. There's this guy who's a stone's throw from the news who does this thing called TBM (Total Body Modification). My boss heard about it when she had to change chiros on account of hers getting charged, blah, blah, blah (it wasn't client-related, it was a personal matter that was dropped--neither here, nor there) and he told her that he could cure her allergies. She's got a couple wicked ones to eggs and her own sweat due to her hormones being fucked up.

This dude has cured people of celiac, peanut allergies, um... other stuff. It sounds SUPER hokey but it's totally true. My boss went last week to get "harmonized" (seriously, sounds fucking whacked) first and she was almost completely hive-free for the few days she was here before she left for Vegas for a marathon. She hasn't gone a day spot-free in years. This week she'll get officially treated for her allergies and from there she should be good to go.

AD is celiac and she's so excited to go on Wednesday to be treated. If this works she won't have to worry about avoiding so many foods! And even if she has to be treated like, once a year that's still AMAZING.

I want to go get harmonized more than anything, which is him fixing the "blown fuses" in your body. By moving your arms and legs and doing something akin to fluffing your hair he can tell if you're pre-diabetic or your ovaries don't work right or if your kidneys are okay--it's so fucking weird. Even though four people from my office have gone since last week and all reported the same things I'm still all- "Nuh uh! FUck off!"

But it's one thing to look forward to for January. And we all need a few of those, eh?

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Had my company Christmas party last night and had a great time! I ended up being the very last one there and all alone, too, which kinda sucked because it meant I had to grab everything that was left over. I would have had AD help me but some of the last people that left wanted to go to the bar so she went with them. I could have gone, as well, but the bar isn't my scene, I'd had enough and I couldn't very well take the cash box with the drink money in it with me!

I drank and played DJ games, danced and had a really great time all around. My boss even stayed until 10:30 which was a huge accomplishment because she a) wasn't planning on coming at all (she's a bit of a drama queen but she does get shit on sometimes when she's the one that [not on purpose because of the way she just ASSUMES responsibility for some things] that plans this shit and it's never good enough for some people) and b) then decided she was going to dine and dash instead.

One of the perks of staying to the end is that whoever is left (me!) gets to take home any of the unopened liquor so I have like- four or five MASSIVE bottles of alcohol that are almost full in my closet. I gave an almost full bottle of whiskey to the cab driver last night for swinging by McDonalds and paying for my meal when my paid-for-by-the-company ride was only good for one from-to trip. So that was fun for everyone.

I did wake up at 6am with a HORRIFIC headache, though, and then I couldn't sleep for about an hour because of said headache and also because I was worried that I may have lost the key to the lock box. Once the half litre of water and ibuprofen kicked in I slept for another three hours, woke up feeling awesome and located the key in my jacket pocket!

I don't feel that I really had much of a weekend, really, because I slept in yesterday VERY late, as I tend to on Saturdays, and then only had hours until the party started. Friday night I got pissy with mom and stormed off to a craft fair in a bit of a snit where I dropped off a gift for my aunt to be engraved for Christmas. I also picked up a bag of clothing from said aunt that she got from her boss at work. Her boss buys clothes ALL the time and every few months gives a garbage bag full to me. Whatever I didn't take mom took some and then whatever's left we'll drop off at Value Village. It's AWESOME because now I have a bazillion new bits of clothes.

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I can't believe it's October 20th. I have been baffled by this fact all week, which I also cannot believe is almost over. I'm happy it is because hey, weekend! But holy shit. Where the fuck is TIME?!

I still have to watch the last Revenge, a few Raising Hopes, the last two Sons of Anarchy.... Damn, I want to watch my TVVVVVVVV. Especially Revenge! And Misfits starts up again next weekend. SO EXCITED.

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My mood has been A-OK lately! I'm actually feeling ... a little more than even? I'm on a new pill for my back, Lyrica, and it's working! So that's been BETTER, although not the best. I mentioned earlier in the week about how I'm trying to cut back hardcore with sugar and I'm doing okay with that (still having some candy out of the quarter machines but that's better than a whole bowl of ice cream at this point) and trying to stay away from the red meat. I think my mood has improved from the sugar, as well. Despite this week going by TOO FUCKING FAST I feel I've had a good, productive week.

I've also taken up a bit of a new hobby--nail art! And a new beauty supply store that non-licensed stylists can buy at has opened! It's going to be a DANGEROUS store for me! LOVES IT!

This week I'm okay. Maybe even good. Here's hoping for next week to follow suit.

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This week has been SO busy and rather stressful. Today my eye started twitching again, which it hasn't done in a while. We're going into one of our busier times, telemarketing wise, and we're hurting for revenue so the pressure is on.

We're also taking on some projects from the digital division (since they're tanking and can't seem to sell it properly and are a money pit and OH FUCK it makes me so angry to think about the stupid fucking bullshit that goes on in that building between certain people) and we have all these features where people drop off pictures and we have to take down accurate info for them so it's busy that way with no real money to show for it in OUR pockets (not that it's all about money but when you're trying to do something that WILL make you money but you have to help a crotchety 72 year old grand mother who has a grandson with the name Keyleperqhchne or some shit and he's just SOOOOOO special and we fucked up his name last year and we better get it right and she wants a double space for the single space price and it takes TEN FUCKING MINUTES to get her away from the counter--it gets annoying). I'm just ranting at this point, really. It's stressful and I'm tired and my eye's twitching and I have a lot of run on sentences happening.

TGIF tomorrow and it's also a long weekend for Thanksgiving which is also fucking with my head. I still can't wrap my head around where April went, let alone where September went and how it's already THANKSGIVING.

I'm hoping next week is somewhat calmer, at least just so that I can feel like I'm actually getting stuff done and making progress. Then by this time next week I'll just be sitting on my hands, waiting for the new iphone.

It would also be nice if my eye could stop twitching.

On the bright side I've only taken a sleeping pill once this week. I haven't slept the best but I can't say I've slept any worse than when I'm on the pill, either. I didn't make a conscious effort NOT to take them but last Friday I was SO tired that I figured there was no point in taking a pill because I'd sleep like the dead anyway. And I did, to a point. So Saturday night I stayed up until I was SO exhausted and once again didn't take the pill. Then tried again on Sunday because I never sleep well on Sundays anyway. It was okay. Last night I took one just so I could try and have a good, long sleep but I think it might have backfired on because I stayed in deep sleep all night; the kind that when you wake up you feel like you're stoned and it takes you hours to feel remotely yourself again.

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I already have so much stuff on my DVR that I haven't gotten around to watching yet. Revenge, Prime Suspect, Big Bang Theory, Community, Ringer, I haven't watched last week's The Soup yet... Jeez. I'm going to watch Community before bed tonight and hopefully the rest over the weekend.

New girl, S, continues to do well. She's so quite, not very outgoing but she's nice and she's learning. That's the best thing we can ask for at this point.

My mom is taking a course to get the paperwork that says she knows everything she already does from on the job training over 25 years and she's applying to get EI to pay for it (since she hasn't trained for anything in almost as long as she was at her last company back home). It seemed like she was approved yesterday but today she got a call from whoever is reviewing her app and was informed that they had called her last (only) employer since she moved out here and that person told them that she had quit the job due to medical reasons and said something about her inability to handwrite (my mom has terrible handwriting and I think she's embarrassed by it so she has to write slow to write even semi-legible, it's just who she is), etc. So this could potentially have her application rejected so she's pretty damn pissed. Because that's NOT why she quit the job. She quit because her boss was a fucking psychopath who demeaned her, gossiped about EVERYONE, was rude and expected miracles out of her staff. She has ONE person who has stayed with the company for 10 years. She's had about five personal assistants in the past 2 years and the last one only stayed two weeks.

We're hoping that the woman will understand from what my mom implied that this woman is crazy and there's a reason why mom left the job. How pathetic do you have to be in the adult phase in your life to be so deluded and vicious that you could ruin someone else's chance at excelling at life. I mean, it's one thing to not actively support someone for whatever reason, but to blatantly lie in a way that could take away the chance for someone to do something so basic in life... jesus.

I also have ANOTHER med to try to help me sleep at night. Woo.

Going to start posting some stuff to my new icon community, [ profile] rockstar_pink this weekend including, hopefully, some The Secret Circle icons. Come check it out and watch if you like what you see!

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I didn't watch the Emmys last night, only because I really had NO inclination to do so, and hadn't for days in advance. The only part I cared about was what the bloggers would be saying about what people were wearing and I was not disappointed. So, that's that.

I can't believe how late in the year it's getting. I can't tell if I'm in denial about the seasons changing and time going by so quickly or if I just can't wrap my mind around how it's going to be September fucking 20th tomorrow. I can't get over that.

Working at a daily newspaper DEFINITELY fucks with your head, since we have a definitive start of the day and end of the day, one that produces a tangible product every 24 hours. We're constantly reaching for another goal, we don't have a "down time" once the paper is put to bed every afternoon (although we try!); there's always another feature, budgets to reach, ideas to hash out. Although we finish something every day it feels like we're in perpetual motion so it's almost like I never feel like I've attained anything. Day-to-day, yes. But in the long run there's always something else. I feel like summer hasn't even started because spring didn't start (which is also just the way it is around here, we go from summer to winter back to summer with very little spring/fall in between).

I missed the start of the leaves changing and now there are yellow leaves everywhere and geese preparing to fly south. Kids are back in school, FFS! I still can't wrap my head around that.

I don't really know what my point is here, other than that time is speeding up but I don't think I am. I'm desperately dragging my feet, trying to find a way to enjoy things short-term because I keep waiting for that ideal summer or that perfect moment in the long-term.

Or maybe I'm just getting fucking old and I don't want to.

In other news that could be construed as me trying to reclaim some of my youth by living through CW teens, I kind of have The Secret Circle on the brain. I'm really looking forward to the next episode, which I can't say for a lot of shows thus far (not that I've seen THAT many new shows yet this season). So there's that.

OH! And I had an MRI today. I had to keep my eyes closed the whole time or else I would have freaked out. I had to breathe deep and was SO TEMPTED to press the panic button they gave me a few times (especially at first) but I refrained and here I am. It was uncomfortable at the end, though. I don't know if it was the way I was laying or what but my shoulders were killing me and there was something under my head that hurt quite a lot by the end.

But now it's over and hopefully I won't have to have one ever again, amen.
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Our paper is launching in FULL colour this weekend (we only had capacity to run half of our pages in colour on our old press but we've purchased a new one with upgraded tech) so it's a big day for us. We're going full-city and EVERY page it supposed to have colour. It's the first time we've ever done some ads in colour so we're excited and a bit apprehensive at once because if they look like shit (the press guys who are used to doing everything manually from the old press have had to re-train for a digital press) from weird colour balance and whatnot we're going to have to do a fuckload of makegoods and write-offs. So we'll see what happens!

I also found out about an opportunity that's coming up to make a little more cash AND get the chance to win an $800 iPad (!!!) through circulation. I'm SO DOING IT. I don't have to take on a route or anything and it means I get to use my sales skills, WOO! Should be starting in the next few weeks, I hope!

Oh, as much as I didn't want to cap two shows on Thursdays I might have to keep doing The Secret Circle. We'll see!

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I went to bed at 8pm last night, was asleep by 815. I have been exhausted ALL week. And my mood has been a bit off, possibly because of the exhaustion, as my mom pointed out last night. Although she said I've been off since last week so perhaps I'm in a lull of sorts, I don't know. I slept for 10 hours last night and it was AWESOME. I had an okay day but I'm pretty damn jazzed for it to be the end of the week tomorrow.

Monday the new girl starts and that should make things a bit easier at work although we have SO MUCH TO DO already I just don't know what the hell to do. We'll get by somehow, I guess.

Watching The Secret Circle next and I'm going to cap it but I don't know if this will be a weekly thing since it's going to be hard enough to cap one show, let alone two, if I keep feeling like this AND because MIsfits starts next month. And THAT is my #1.

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Whoops! I misnumbered the caps when I batched them, sorry!

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I am exhausted but I had to stay up to watch the premiere of Sons of Anarchy. I didn't sleep well last night and I was pretty busy today at work because it's just me and my boss, aS H is gone and AD has taken vacation. If anything it should make the week go by faster!

H, however, continues to haunt us with her errors. We had to write off a memoriam and I felt SO DAMN BAD for the lady because she was so emotional about it as it was her son and five years. I don't know what happened but it was just all wrong. When my boss came to the counter and asked, "Who did it?" I just looked at her and she said, "I don't even need to ask." She also somehow booked an ad into classifieds and retail, but luckily we caught it when the people clearing the ads for tomorrow asked about it and I was like, "Um, it's here." The money was attached to our ad so it would have used up lineage and would have had to be written off. OY VEY, YO!

AS is also trying to stir up shit again about the position in classifieds and is throwing H under the bus. She FB'd my boss and was trying to be conversational (using her kid as a means to talk to her!) but was just trying to get dirt and trying to get my boss to say mean things about H. I mean, we all think H is lovely as a person but, honestly, she's dumber than a sack of hammers. She was not cut out for this job. But we are NOT saying this to AS because that's all she needs. She doesn't realize that the position has been filled with a former employee of the news who won't be swayed by AS' deviousness. She flat out said in one of her messages that the news person had better be gone by March so she can come back. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

The lesson in all this? Petty high school bullshit attitudes and mean girl mentalities aren't just magically grown out of. They stick with some people and make them mean, devious, nasty, dirty women.

In other, less dramatic and annoying news-- I have a new icon comm! [ profile] spuzz has parted ways with [ profile] morbid_girls after four years because our tastes are very different now and it's hard to be part of a "Girls" group when you're just a girl so I've created [ profile] rockstar_pink! Named after my new glittery nail polish (that's annoying as fuck, actually because glitter is SO DAMN HARD to get off your nails but this shit keeps chipping, ugh) and because I wanted a FUN name/look/everything. I love the layout and the banners and the colours. Ten years ago I was never a "pink" girl but now I apparently am VERY MUCH.

There's not a lot there just yet but I spent HOURS yesterday updating my Post Guide and re-linking broken icons and such and adding all the new stuff from the past motherfucking FOUR YEARS. This way I don't have to move any posts or anything. I want to try to make and/or post icons this week, too.

[ profile] rockstar_pink [ profile] rockstar_pink [ profile] rockstar_pink

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OH! And, I picked up Season 2 of Community on DVD, too! Whee!
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Interesting day. I feel good today, if a little tired right now. I want to go to bed but I also want to keep going, keep posting comments, try to be creative.

H quit today. Officially, for sure. She's done Friday since C told her she could pretend like H told her before C went on vacation. We're going into our busy busy time and we need to know that the other person we have on hand is going to be there to support us, at the very least, if not contribute.

C already has someone in mind for the position if things work out, someone who used to work at the paper, and that's okay although I kind of really want someone who is a complete n00b to the job. But having someone who's worked at the news, has done the traffic (paper layout for the ads and editorial space, etc) AND has worked in creative would be a huge asset. She has the background to learn to do pages and obits and she knows how the paper works.

H hasn't told AD and I that she quit so she's probably expecting C to (which, we already DO, obvs, but STILL!). Just one more example of how she doesn't like to do any of the uncomfortable stuff. I'm just as pleased because I'd rather keep her as a good neighbour and a friend, rather than a co-worker I'm starting to hate and don't want to lose my shit over.

AD is on vacation next week so it'll be just me and C. We can handle it but that doesn't mean it won't be a busy week and I expect I'll be frustrated a bit. Lame.

ANYWAY. Onto other things. Such as A Love Meme || My Thread

It's been a while since I've done one. Link me to yours if you're over there!

Stolen from [ profile] mclachlan.

List your 5 favourite TV shows and answer the questions.

1) Misfits

2) The Vampire Diaries

3) Community

4) Sons of Anarchy

5) SouthLAnd

Another TV meme, kinda similar to the one I did before but not )

Finally, have a funny kitty.

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This week has FLOWN by!

Work went quickly, this week was SO EFFING HOT so I didn't get to walk too much aaannnnd I don't know what else really happened this week.

On the work front it appears that H has quit. I think. She's been pretty useless all week, not getting much done, as per usual. Then Wednesday, I think, my boss C texted me that she was quitting because her bf/husband/whatever is going back to work next week in the oilfield so he'll be away from home 2 weeks, home for 1 and she'll be looking after both kids, plus she's miserable, I guess. I thought C had heard it from AS, who is on mat leave, but C said H had been texting her like mad all week. She had a couple job interviews or something, I don't know, but C thought she wanted to wait until she had a new job before she officially quit but C was like--shit or get off the pot, only nicer.

She wants to recommend AS's best friend for the job but like--NO MORE FRIENDS OF AS! NOOOOOOOOO.

ANYWAY. So Thursday C texted and said H had officially quit and for AD and I to wait until she told us herself. Friday came and went and she didn't say anything so more texting occured between C and I and I'm not sure what's going on after that. H didn't leave a letter of resignation around so I'm hoping she's just going to do it on Monday and expect C to tell us FOR her. Which is par for the course since H can't do anything unprompted.

ANYWAYx1000. My aunt and uncle's cat bit me tonight, hard enough to draw blood. She's had him shaved down and he's SO SKINNY, it's horrifying. You'd never know he was once a Maine Coon that weighed over 20lbs. I was petting him and he's so timid, moreso than usual. I don't think he likes being shaved and he's got marks or scratches or sores, I don't know, on his sides. I was scratching hima bit and must have done something he didn't like because he sank his teeth into me without any warning. He's NEVER done that before. Poor boy. My aunt wants to keep him shaved like this all the time because he sheds so badly but I think it's kinda cruel, honestly. I don't think he'll make it through another winter, if that long, because he's about 16 now. He's lived a GOOD life.

I'm really glad they didn't let me take him when I moved to my apartment now, because that was my intention from the start, since my aunt and uncle aren't pet people.

I have been going back to the start of Parks and Recreation since I haven't seen it and WOW. That show was so awkward at first. I like recenter episodes SO much better.

I have not, however, caught up with the last couple episodes of Torchwood. I didn't get to watch last week's ep the same nignt and then I just... didn't. This season is so weird to me. I also know that Doctor Who came back tonight and it was my intention to catch up on the other eps I didn't watch this season but again I just... didn't.

Still haven't gotten my Pottermore email. *le sigh* #FirstWorldProblems

My thoughts on Jack Layton's passing )

I hope anyone on the east coast is hunkered down safe at home or in a shelter and that the storm blows itself out without causing much damage. Sending safe thoughts!
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Snagged from [ profile] mclachlan

Under here )

I didn't get to that walk I was going to take today but in my defense it was about 33 here today so I didn't get out and about too much. Dropped off the recycling and went to the library is about it.

Made an AWESOME dinner, though. Steak and BBQ'd veggies (broccoli, potatoes, cauliflower, peas, onions, carrots with garlic spread on it) with caesar salad left over from mom's dinner. And I have enough steak and veggies for the next few meals! Woo, no cooking!

In other news, remember that family I successfully avoided while they were here? Turns out my cousin and her husband are separated and have been for a while. They've been doing the counselling thing and have worked out an arrangement for the kids and all but like--it just strikes me as selfish that they came here on vacation and kept it a secret until well after they've gone home. I think my aunt feels the same way, considering she shelled out ... oh, about six grand on their visit in total. Yeah. Pretty much wiped out their savings. Partly because of her wanting to impress her daughter and partly because my cousin is spoiled and greedy.

I am sympathetic for what they're going through and for the effort they've obviously tried to put into everything but they came here knowing full well efforts had failed and they weren't together, but pretended like everything was fine (and not for the kids since, I think, they're living separate now) and my aunt and uncle spent all that money on them. *sigh*

I know you can't pick your family but you sure as shit don't have to like them. Blood relations really don't mean any special bond for me. I don't have to respect automatically because someone related to me bore you.

Anyway. Not really looking forward to work tomorrow since everything has been a clusterfuck this weekend and poor April is still down in the dumps about obits. So we'll see how that goes. I also have a dentist appointment AND an appointment with my counselor tomorrow so my day will be busy. Might as well get all this shit done early in the week, right?

Also, I want to sit down and work on a list of goals for the next few months for myself to strive for. Nothing too outlandish, so I don't set myself up for failure, but I have a couple all ready and want to get at least one more so challenge myself and give myself something to look forward to. I'll post it once I come up with them and the specifics.
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Originally posted by [ profile] its_ender at post

In other news, I did totally skip out on the BBQ tonight. Kind of by accident, kind of not. I've been feeling pretty achy and blah all day on account of all the driving and walking yesterday so today I was a bit sharp and generally didn't want to deal with people.

Mom and I went out and about, bought some clothes (which was the point of the shopping trip out of town but we found nothing worth spending money on, REAL clothes-wise [aka: clothes you wear to work or for events that don't include sitting at the computer all day, watching movies and eating popcorn]), got some groceries and then came home.

I took a nap at around 4pm after reading an entire Sweet Valley High book (hi, this is my 11-year old self typing) and ended up sleeping until ... 7:45-ish? My mom did come down at one point and was like, "It's 5, are you getting up?" To which I replied, "Nooooooooooo." with my eyes closed and thus slept forever.

On top of all this there's been some ad shit happening, like THE BACK COVER for our Student Survival magazine not getting sent, thus a back cover had to be thrown together since this thing prints tomorrow which means we're down $500 from that loss and I've lost the commission (which I'm really not THAT upset about. I mean, yeah, but I'm more pissed about the ad just NOT coming). Then when I work up this evening the reason was because my boss texted me and said the last two pages of classifieds didn't run. AS IN THE FUCKING OBITUARIES. And a puzzle page (which, for some of those old people, can be just as serious as the obits) but THE OBITS!

Like, WHAT THE FUCK?! Poor April is just beside herself because she built the pages. She sent them, dropped them like she should have so pre-press fucked up. There's just no way around it. I don't think, anyway. This is bad. I don't know if obits have ever just NOT run before. And that's the one page in the paper that my department (well, the three of us that do pages) hold up to the highest possible esteem since these are people's LIVES, you know? These are families and loved ones and friends and just.... ugh.

Tomorrow I'm going to do some walking and like... nothing else. I don't care. I'm having a steak and some salad and a potato and I'm chilling the fuck out.
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Oh lawd. It's been kinda crazy the past little bit. Not CRAZY crazy but rushed.

I'm exhausted and I drove six hours today and walked the other six+ hours around a mall with my mom where I didn't find anything I really wanted except a hot pair of shoes. I think this biggest accomplishment of the day is that I drove all the way to the mall and didn't have one freakout or anxiety-stricken moment!

I overslept in a major way on Wednesday and left my department abandoned for the first bit we were open and then today I took the day off to shop (great excuse for a day off, eh?). All I really want to do tomorrow is stay home and SLEEP and do nothing but I have to go to a BBQ hosted by someone in the creative department.

Excuses, I has them. But I must not use them. I'm trying to be more social and whatnot.

And this post is another attempt. I'm trying to be more current with my entries and update-y with my life. So this is me, updating.

Also, the Torchwood dl I'm getting is a weird size so I'm not sure what's up with that and I'm too tired to watch/cap tonight anyway.

In conclusion: Welcome new friends!
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I gotta get this work shit out )

Um, if anyone actually sat through that whole thing I owe you an icon or something, for serious. I could go on forever about this crap.

In other news my mom has finished the job she hates because they finally hired for her position AND the front desk position (front desk quit right when mom's position was filled so that person did front desk because mom was trained and the boss refuses to let anyone but herself train for that position--the woman is crazy) so she's happier but now she needs to find a NEW job and that stresses me out. Like, I know mom didn't want to be in her old job and it stressed HER out but at least she was making money, you know? The world economy makes me a bit on edge when thinking about mom's job situation because I want her to a) find a job and b) not get laid off a few months later because everyone's poor and shit's gone south.

MY grand scheme to take my mind off it all? Take next Friday off to shop. Priorities, I has them. I have decided I'm going to drive us to Cross Iron Mills mall (in Balzac and yes, it is pronounced like you think it is) but I'm taking a roundabout way that won't take me through Calgary because I CANNOT. If I survive this maybe I'll next try to make it into Calgary so I can go to Old Navy.

I only want to go to Old Navy because FLARED JEANS ARE BACK. Words can't express. I hate that fashion trends change so much from season to season that you can't find something you LOVED and fit great just because some hoity toit in France decided skinny jeans are the rage next year.

TW 106 - The Middle Men )

* 1280x720 caps
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* Comment and credit if taking/using.
* The biggie- NO HOTLINKING. Don't be a bastard and make me replace my sample caps with a bright and gaudy "I'm a thief, ask me how!" message.

Torchwood 406 set 1 (203 caps ~ 16.2) // Torchwood 406 set 2 (383 caps ~ 27.8) // gallery

406 - the Middle Men )
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This week went by super fast for me and I'm just as happy for it. This week has been SO warm and since I haven't been feeling the best with everything with my mom and whatnot I'm just as happy for the weekend to come and for today to cool off a bit. I also have a BUTTLOAD of mosquito bites, possibly more than I've ever had before, and oh man they ITCH. Since I moved out here to Alberta I've found that mosquito bites last way longer on me and itch for literally months before they go away. So I've been trying everything and anything to stop from scratching.

I also laid down as soon as I got home and, of course despite my best lack of efforts, fell asleep for about three hours. But I didn't think I was sleeping. It was weird.

This is kind of how I felt which Gracie expressed beautifully )

It has kind of surprised me how much I have been looking forward to Torchwood coming back. I have gone into it with mixed feelings because TW has never been the BEST show with the most well-rounded characters. It took me a bit of time to even warm up to the show but at this very point I like it betteer than Doctor Who and I do appreciate that it's a show that will go there. I"m still bummed that Tosh, Owen and Ianto have all been killed off but I am thankful that the show doesn't sugar coat anything or shy away from controversy in that respect. The Children of Earth storyline was daring and out there and risky, it was soul crushing, but I liked it and I'm happy with it.

That said, it doesn't mean there weren't some things that I noticed a bit off about 'The New World' )

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Torchwood 401 - set 1 (315 caps ~ MB) // Torchwood 401 - set 2 (315 caps ~ MB) // Torchwood 401 - set 3 (315 caps ~ MB) // gallery

401 - The New World )
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* Welcome to the new people to my flist from the icon making friending meme!

* Want an icon? Comment here with good quality images. I'll make icons for the first 5 people.

* I have a Google+ account--Who else?! Let me know who you are!

* I saw a new therapist person today, She's actually the daughter of the guy I was seeing before, which is a bit weird. She's personable, though. She had me set up an earlier appointment with my GP to check on my meds because I'm kinda up and down a lot these past couple weeks. Not sleeping, feeling quite overwhelmed. So there's that. I feel okay about this all.

* No midnight show of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 for me. Alas, the distributor has decided not to have one here so I've bought my ticket for the 1pm show on the 15th. Yes, I am taking a day off work just to see a movie. In that area my boss/job is awesome. I can be a total nerd and she accommodates it.

* Anyone have Hanging with Friends or Words with Friends? I'm ErinS26 on both. Wasn't sure about HWF at first but now it's quite fun.

* Season 4 Sons of Anarchy trailer! YAY!

* I'm getting better at the posting thing!


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