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This week has FLOWN by!

Work went quickly, this week was SO EFFING HOT so I didn't get to walk too much aaannnnd I don't know what else really happened this week.

On the work front it appears that H has quit. I think. She's been pretty useless all week, not getting much done, as per usual. Then Wednesday, I think, my boss C texted me that she was quitting because her bf/husband/whatever is going back to work next week in the oilfield so he'll be away from home 2 weeks, home for 1 and she'll be looking after both kids, plus she's miserable, I guess. I thought C had heard it from AS, who is on mat leave, but C said H had been texting her like mad all week. She had a couple job interviews or something, I don't know, but C thought she wanted to wait until she had a new job before she officially quit but C was like--shit or get off the pot, only nicer.

She wants to recommend AS's best friend for the job but like--NO MORE FRIENDS OF AS! NOOOOOOOOO.

ANYWAY. So Thursday C texted and said H had officially quit and for AD and I to wait until she told us herself. Friday came and went and she didn't say anything so more texting occured between C and I and I'm not sure what's going on after that. H didn't leave a letter of resignation around so I'm hoping she's just going to do it on Monday and expect C to tell us FOR her. Which is par for the course since H can't do anything unprompted.

ANYWAYx1000. My aunt and uncle's cat bit me tonight, hard enough to draw blood. She's had him shaved down and he's SO SKINNY, it's horrifying. You'd never know he was once a Maine Coon that weighed over 20lbs. I was petting him and he's so timid, moreso than usual. I don't think he likes being shaved and he's got marks or scratches or sores, I don't know, on his sides. I was scratching hima bit and must have done something he didn't like because he sank his teeth into me without any warning. He's NEVER done that before. Poor boy. My aunt wants to keep him shaved like this all the time because he sheds so badly but I think it's kinda cruel, honestly. I don't think he'll make it through another winter, if that long, because he's about 16 now. He's lived a GOOD life.

I'm really glad they didn't let me take him when I moved to my apartment now, because that was my intention from the start, since my aunt and uncle aren't pet people.

I have been going back to the start of Parks and Recreation since I haven't seen it and WOW. That show was so awkward at first. I like recenter episodes SO much better.

I have not, however, caught up with the last couple episodes of Torchwood. I didn't get to watch last week's ep the same nignt and then I just... didn't. This season is so weird to me. I also know that Doctor Who came back tonight and it was my intention to catch up on the other eps I didn't watch this season but again I just... didn't.

Still haven't gotten my Pottermore email. *le sigh* #FirstWorldProblems

My thoughts on Jack Layton's passing )

I hope anyone on the east coast is hunkered down safe at home or in a shelter and that the storm blows itself out without causing much damage. Sending safe thoughts!
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The Hour with George Stroumbolopoplopolis (one day I'll learn how to spell it) aired a Farewell to George Bush last night. There's something there for the Canadians and the Americans.

I don't watch George faithfully or even sometimes, but when I do he's a fuckton of fun.

Still no heat in the house. Now in the entire house. Le sigh.
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Sorry for the spam, but this is important.

[ profile] mumbles11 posted this first but it deserves to be posted over and over.

I'm Canadian and here same sex couples can marry, have been able to for a couple years now. I've never understood why people are against it. Why, at the very core of their beings, they can say, 'No, you don't deserve to express your love the way you want to". This video with some guy I don't know speaks to anyone, anywhere, in any state or any country where same-sex marriage is illegal or hasn't been legalised yet.

Watch it, listen to it, take it to heart. I wish everyone who voted against it in all the states that had it on their ballots last week, could watch this and really question why they did/do vote the way they do. I've never understood why someone who's not gay cares, really. As Whoopi Goldberg said last week, "If you don't support gay marriage, don't marry a gay person."

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I was just watching CNN and saw an anti-Obama ad.

Is this legal? Isn't campaigning over now? I didn't see who the ad was funded by, but like... what?
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I made it almost 2 hours at work before everyone in my department collectively sent me home. They don't want to get sick and I have the luxury, now, of being in a department where if I'm not there it won't harm their work load any. So yay. My job calls for a lot of talking, on the phone and in person, and my voice, although better, sounds like shit and is getting worse the more I talk.

My sinuses are aching a bit today and I'm still snotting all over and my coughing is pretty bad so I totally get why they sent me home. I get 18 sick days a year, apparently, and I've been there since May without taking a single one, not even when I hurt my back so badly I was standing to do my work and crying. THAT'S the difference between the department I was in versus the one I'm in now.

So I have new drugs specifically for my sinuses, I have four new containers of juice (I've had six since Saturday, I'm in the middle of the seventh so that'll be 11 things of juice) and a pizza and a half in the fridge waiting for me (the first time I've been truly hungry in three days, you bet I'm eating something good) so I am prepared for a day's worth of election talk and results.

Still wearing Obama blue!
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I just changed what I was going to wear tomorrow from a red sweater to a blue shirt, blue undies and mostly blue socks, jsyk.

I'm rootin' for ya.
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I don't know anything about the legality of campaigning and whatnot in Canada, if there's an official start date that has to be declared before the hubbub can start but I just saw a commercial supporting Stephen Harper on the teevee.

It's been all but declared that there will be an election called next week, with the vote being October 14th (srsly, my American friends. A little over a month for the whole thing to start and end) but nothing's been officially stated yet. So when I saw the commercial (with the end having a 'supporter' of Harper saying- I'm going to vote for him!) I was quite taken aback, because I was sure I hadn't missed the election call.

Anyone know if there's any actual wrong doing with airing these sorts of ads previous to an election call or if it's just taboo, or none of the above?

Also, it is 8 C here right now. :( And raining. WHERE DID SUMMER GO?!


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