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Guess who's a tard and just put their DS in the washing machine?!

Fuck me gently. I have it sitting in a pot of rice with the battery removed. I've checked it and when I try to turn it on the red light comes on but nothing happens. I mean, the red light comes on so that's.... good?

I'll leave it sitting in the rice until tomorrow and pray to whatever that it works. It would just really, really blow if this game I've had less than a year gets ruined because I'm a total moron.

Lesson in all of this? Don't leave your DS in bed ever because when you wash your bedding you'll pick it up and WASH THE FUCKER.
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I had a rant about PETA and how stupid they are to be planning a protest of the annual NL seal hunt in Vancouver at the 2010 Olympics but I realized I'm too tired to see it through.

PETA's retarded. Launch a protest in an area where people will actually care, fuckheads. Not thousands of kilometres away where people are more concerned about planes not getting snowed in and people having a place to sleep, not fucking seals.

Also, filling people's heads with bullshit "facts" about the seal hunt is douchey. DIAF. Tack on a couple more inaccuracies, why don't you. Here, I'll help you along.

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A girl struck up a conversation with me while I was waiting for the bus. I rarely, if ever, start talking to someone first, it's always the other way around. I try to avoid random bus people, whatever.

So we got to talking about the city and the buses and whatnot, she mentioned she was from Toronto and the buses go there every half second or something so it's weird coming here where they only go every half hour. I mentioned that it was still better than where I was from, so I didn't mind. She asked where I was from and I said New Brunswick.

She replied, "Is that far from here?"


This is Canada:

#1 is where I am now. #2 is where she's from. #3 with the big freaking red circle is a PROVINCE. There's only 10 of them to go with the three territories, for Jean Chrétien's sake! There's 1035kms between Toronto and New Brunswick. There are 3487kms (2167 miles) between here and New Brunswick.

So yeah. It's far.

In other, more hopeful news, my laptop shipped today and it should be here by Thursday. I feel like it's Christmas and I should go to bed OMG RIGHT NOW so it comes faster.

How was your Monday?


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