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seriously LOL!

In other news I have NO idea why I'm still up. I am, however, watching season 1 of Haven and am... rather unimpressed? I dunno.

I've also already watched 5 movies this year (yes, I know the year is about 28-ish hours old):
01. Fright Night
02. Red State
03. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (watched w/ Mom who hadn't seen it).
04. Friends with Benefits
05. Horrible Bosses

RS was definitely the best, followed by FWB. FN was pretty shitty and HB wasn't funny.

That is all.
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Blah, I had a bunch of other stuff written here last week but then it took 1000 acres of time for the caps to upload (seriously, the caps themselves didn't finish until Monday morning and the zips not until Monday night!) and then I got lazy over the week and here we are.

I just got back from seeing "In Time".

brief thoughts behind the cut )

Misfits 301 & 302 )

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Misfits 301 set 1 (239 caps ~ 19.5MB) // Misfits 301 set 2 (239 caps ~ 20.3MB) // Misfits 301 set 3 (239 caps ~ 19.1MB) // Misfits 301 set 4 (239 caps ~ 21.7MB) // gallery

Misfits 301 )

Misfits 302 set 1 (296 caps ~ 22.9MB) // Misfits 302 set 2 (296 caps ~ 23.9MB) // Misfits 302 set 3 (296 caps ~ 20.6MB) // Misfits 302 set 4 (298 caps ~ 23.8MB) // gallery

Misfits 302 )
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My therpist wants to see if my doc would recommend I get referred to a psychiatrist to check out my meds and the chemical stuff that I have going on right now. I think he's concerned that, despit me being on my meds for over a month now, that I'm not necessarily feeling BETTER. I mean, I feel more even, for sure, but I don't feel BETTER. Right now I'm at a place where I am still feeling some panic and sadness but I can't properly emote that. I can't cry. I don't know what's worse--crying three times a day over nothing and while driving or feeling sad and wanting to cry but not being able to. I'm very flat at the moment. It feels like my panic and sadness are muffled and I can't properly express them, even to describe the feelings, which is something I'm usually very good at, to explain to someone what's going on with me.

I also have no drive to do anything. I WANT to get better but I feel no desire, drive, ability or need to do it. It's not the worst way to feel but it's definitely not a good way to be functioning at the moment. I want to FEEL again, even the bad things. Because the bad things make the awesome things that much better.

The hives have been coming and going so I haven't been back to the doctor. I didn't see a point since the most he could do would put me on steroids again and once they were gone the hives would be back, so. They're not as bad as they were at first but they're still annoying and itchy as hell. I'll just scratch and get by.

Southland )

I also started watching Big Bang Theory season 2, talk about Raising Hope & Harper's Island )

Talk about movies and awards season )

Primeval 404 )

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Primeval 404 set 1 (371 caps ~ 29.3MB) // Primeval 404 set 1 (371 caps ~ 27.6MB) // gallery

Primeval 404 )
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A 2010 meme )

I tried to keep a list of the movies I'd seen this year with a short review of each with the intent of reaching 100 movies. I know I did but I lost interest in keeping the list and only did it sporadically. I also tried to keep a list of 500 TV episodes watched but within a couple weeks dropped that idea. So this si what I did with the movies )

I'm spending New Year's Eve alone this year, which I'm just as happy about. I don't feel any attachment to this year, which is weird, because I usually feel something--either some sadness over the passing of another year (possibly because of good times or missed opportunities or perhaps because of the same thing that makes me watch series finales for shows I don't even watch and cry over them) or happiness of ringing in a new year with people I care about.

This year I feel nothing, just another day come and gone. I have no doubt that it's because of where I am mentally right now and the meds I'm on. If I'm not feeling anything it's because I'm feeling particularly sad or anxious so whaever. When I feel happy or am trying to keep the status quo by appearing like nothing's wrong I feel damn-near manic because it feels like a sped-up tape that sounds like the chipmunks in my head. It's awesome.

So in the next year I'd like to feel better. I don't want to say I'd like to get off the meds because at this point they're what's keeping me from sobbing every night on the drive home and from feeling like if I don't sleep the next day won't come. I'm okay with being on the meds for a while.

I'd like to be healthy, mentally and physically. Ideally that would involve losing weight but at this point I need to get my eating under control before I can do anything. Get on a regular schedule of activity such as walking at least three times a week and recognizing and stopping myself from emoional eating. That would help immensely.

I want to get a second tattoo. Write. Get over my seeming social anxiety when in crowds so I can be involved in more things. Read more (now that I've figured out I can read things on my phone I'll be reading more, I think. How sad is that?). Pay off my credit card so I can devote my funds to student loan. Deal with my relationship issues (both romantic and friendship-based). Get into yoga. Be fannishly involved again, moreso than just posting caps.

I wouldn't say this is a 2011 resolution list, so much as a bucket list for the year. I realized this year I don't have a bucket list generally (except that I want to go to Hawaii) so maybe instead of making a list of resolutions that I feel almost guilted into keeping, I can treat them more as achievments that I can work on longer. So there.

Enjoy what time you have left of 2010, if you have any. I won't look back on this year sadly, despite how sad I've been this year, but then again I won't look back happily, either. It'll just be a void for me, really. Here's to hoping 2011 will be better.

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Finally went to see The Town tonight. I really enjoyed it! I really like Ben Affleck and I LOOOOOOOVE Jeremy Renner. I also like Blake Lively, although I had a hard time understanding all of her lines, between her mush mouth and having a mush mouth with a Boston accent. I'd love to see Jeremy up on stage during the Oscars again next year! Loved him in The Hurt Locker!

I caught up with the last half of last week's Gossip Girl so I kind of know what's happening there. I don't think I care enough about Boardwalk Empire to go back and watch last week's episode. The premise is awesome and I enjoy the episodes when I'm paying attention but I find there are so many names and details and things to remember about what's going on with the different alliances and deals that if I don't just sit and watch the episode, doing nothing else, I'm a bit lost. So I don't know how much longer I'll be watching.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians. We're having dinner tomorrow because my uncle just got back tonight from NFL for ANOTHER funeral. Third one in his family this year. Things can only get better for them from here, I hope. I think I'm going to take Gracie with me so she can hang out with another cat (whether he likes it or not, LOL) and to give her a change for things. The only thing I don't like is that I have to take her in the car which she doesn't really like, but it's a 5 minute drive so she'll be okay. I posted pics of her in this entry, if you missed them.

Kill or Be Killed )

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Kill or Be Killed )
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I watched a number of movies this weekend--Death at a Funeral, Vampires Suck, Sex and the City 2, Green Zone and Killers. I don't think I really liked a single one of them. DaaF was probably the one I was least put off by but I don't know if I LIKED it. There was just a lot going on. I was disgusted by SatC2, honestly. I loved the first one, hated the second. The rest were pretty boring. I'd have liked Killers if the script wasn't so up and down. The concept had potential, for sure.

I smell a rat )

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True Blood 310 set 1 (281 caps ~ 22.5MB) // True Blood 310 set 2 (281 caps ~ 22.2MB) // True Blood 310 set 3 (281 caps ~ 23.2MB) // True Blood 310 set 4 (284 caps ~ 20.7MB) // gallery

I Smell a Rat )
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It's a gorgeous day here, finally. There are menfolk on the roof, putting down new shingles and I finally have a window again. It's weird how quickly you gets used ot change without realizing it. Now that I have the window back it's a little weird but I love it. I can finally see out. I missed the leaves growing fuller on the trees over the past few weeks and it's now almost totally summer.

It is SO frustrating how long it takes for my caps to upload on a Saturday.

Saw the A-Team last night --no really big spoilers )

I watched and capped "Vincent and the Doctor" last week but I didn't have time to sort and upload them as I was having people over. It's been a week so I won't cut my reactions to it.

LOVED IT. It was a gorgeous episode that made me cry and from the few episode reactions I saw afterwards I gather that was the general concensus from most viewers.

The story was awesome and I felt bad for the monster, as well as Van Gogh. The ending was simply wonderful and all the characters were fun and light and melancholy. The colouring on the episode was also wonderful. The graphics I've seen come out of the episode have been lovely.

Doctor Who 510 set 1 (216 caps ~ 20.1MB) // Doctor Who 510 set 2 (216 caps ~ 22.8MB) // Doctor Who 510 set 3 (216 caps ~ 20.5MB) // Doctor Who 510 set 4 (216 caps ~ 24.2MB) // gallery

** Preview caps for the next ep are in the last zip.

510 - Vincent and the Doctor )

The Lodger & one comment about the preview for next week )

Doctor Who 511 set 1 (216 caps ~ 20.0MB) // Doctor Who 511 set 2 (216 caps ~ 19.7MB) // Doctor Who 511 set 3 (216 caps ~ 15.4MB) // Doctor Who 511 set 4 (216 caps ~ 17.6MB) // gallery

** Preview caps for the next ep are in the last zip.

The Lodger )
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I'm so late with these but I'm having trouble focusing on too much tonight so I thought I'd type up some thoughts on the last few movies I've seen while I'm watching reviews of them.

District 9 )

Funny People )

Halloween 2 )

One of the BEST movies I've seen this summer? The Hurt Locker. Awesome, awesome. Great suspense, gripping look at the characters, heart wrenching. Loved it.


Feb. 19th, 2009 07:57 pm
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The people did a review of Friday the 13th.

I have to disagree with their review out of pure loyalty to Jared, of course, but damn if it isn't funny. I love their reviews.

And just for shits and giggles because I just about pissed myself watching this (EVERY TIME) here's their review for Twilight. I don't think I posted this before, but who knows?

oh, fuck me

Feb. 8th, 2009 10:05 am
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Someone on my flist warned last night about the spoiler at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt and I didn't go last night. But today being TODAY, I went.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

I don't know how major this spoiler is in the grand scheme of things since I'm totally in the dark about what's to come but it seemed kinda fucking huge to me. Please do not comment as to the scale of the spoiler, if you know what it is.

*sigh* Lamesauce.

Anyway. I wanted to wash Edward yesterday but since everything's melting hardcore around here and I'm driving through massive ruts and giant puddles there's no point. Sad because he needs a scrub badly. All this warmer weather we've been having here is so misleading because it's only the beginning of February. We still have at least another month of hardcore winter, and that's an optimistic estimate.

Saw Push last night. It was okay. Visually appealing, very colourful. I'd rent it but I don't know if I'd buy it.
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It's been years since I've seen The Fast and the Furious in its entirety.

And now that I'm watching it now...

I see now why people ship Vin Diesel and Paul Walker's characters in it. If I could work up more creative gumption I might even want to write a one-off about them. Literally and literally.
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Watched The Hitcher earlier tonight. Was better than I thought it was going to be although there was still that issue of LOGIC that a lot of thriller/horror movies seem to suffer from. Sophia Bush was, as always, gorgeous.

Tony )

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Skins 206 set 1 (283 caps ~ 12.9MB) // Skins 206 set 2 (283 caps ~ 12.2MB) // gallery

Tony- not totally work safe images )
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Happy birthday, [ profile] avioletmermaid!

Holy ballsac, y'all. I'm watching the remake of Day of the Dead and it's SO BAD. I'm only a half hour in and it's terrible. I know some people don't put much stock into zombie movies but I LOOOOOOOOOVE them and after the remake of Dawn of the Dead in 2004 (which is SO AWESOME OMG) I was jazzed to hear about this one. But, as it turns out, not so much with this one after all. For example stylistic choice spoiler ) Mena Suvari doesn't inspire much confidence in me as an army official.

This isn't an official new community announcement but [ profile] good_cw_icons will be open like- any second. [ profile] spuzz and I are mods right now but I'll need a third to balance the application post properly. If you're interested leave a comment and we can talk.

Thinking about making another moodtheme. Any suggestions?

This poll is something I've been thinking of lately. I'm really interested to hear about people's thought process when they use icons or resources. I've seen some people use my icons and resources without commenting, although some people credit, and I have to admit, it bothers me to some extent because it's nice to know who's using your stuff, you know? I, personally, ALWAYS comment and credit whenever I take anything so I'm curious to what other people think and where they stand on the commenting/crediting thing. Is it akin to reading a fic and not leaving a comment? Or is it something else?

There's no judgment here with any of your answers, obvs, I'm just really, seriously interested about the answers.

[Poll #1155408]
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Dear Katie Cassidy:

Oh, good lord. *facepalm*

The things I do for you. Plz to be picking better movies in the future. Kthx.

Less love than usual,


PEE ESS- my icon picker chose this icon quite fittingly because you MUST have had a gun to your head to do that movie.
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ALRIGHT. I just got back from the movies. I saw August Rush. I have a review of August Rush. If you don't want to be spoiled for pretty much every plot point and/or still want to see the movie after you read this, step away now.

I was going to write up this big thing about it but I said it all in chat and it pretty much explains all my... feelings on it.

I really wanted to love this movie, I did! )


Sep. 1st, 2007 12:03 am
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Save your money. The Halloween remake is a shitfest.

And hey, it's September. Huh.
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Jesus Christ. I just finished watching Blood & Chocolate.


THEY RUINED THE WHOLE FUCKING THING. Words cannot describe how absolutely FUCKED UP that was. I read the book ages ago. Like- 12 years ago, maybe? I don't remember now. I LOVE THAT BOOK. LOVE IT. I didn't bring my copy when I moved so I've been meaning to buy a new one and now I'm not so sure I want to just because I'm so absolutely disgusted with the way the film makers ruined the whole thing. Except for the fact that the characters in the movie had the same as the ones in the book and they were werewolves- NOTHING WAS THE SAME.

I haven't been this angry over a movie since... First Daughter, probably. I mean, I didn't like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire because it's my favourite book out of the series and they basically raped the plot for the movie, it was very boring with the way it was shot and the look and just- everything. I still have it on dvd, though, and I can appreciate what the writers had to do to cut it down and stuff, so it's cool. But for this? For Blood & Chocolate? I'm seriously SEETHING.

In other news, I finished the first series of Skins. By the end of it Sid was one of my favourite characters (once he finally started stepping up to people), Tony was kind of 'meh' but I appreciated him more after the Effy incident, I like Michelle, Angie's kind of grating and as a result I don't really like Chris all that much and Cassie's fun. I'm not all over Cassie but she's okay. I like the way she dresses. Everyone else is just kind of there. Now I can go peeking into communities and entires other people have made on it without their opinions changing mine as I'm watching. It's a fun show.

Now, where's the best place to get caps? *eyes [ profile] turnyourankle*

For the 98.5% of SPN fandom that's sane? *chucks you on the chin gently* For the other 1.5%? *beats you down like the red-headed step-children you are* Unfortunately, a little crazy goes a long way.

I know I have comments to attend to and people to friend back and everything and I'm going to focus on that soon. I hope. I tentatively promise. I suck. :|

To the person who gave me the red rose along with everyone else who's so awesome in fandom- thank you. You pretty much made my day. *smooshes you*


Apr. 7th, 2007 02:02 am
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People on my flist who are members of [ profile] spn_iconathon! Icons are due for the current challenge TOMORROW at 3pm EST. If you were planning on getting an icon in, now would be the time!

I went to see Grindhouse tonight. Talk behind the cut )

And [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang is up to 27,400+ now. Still no porn, though. :(
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Everyone go vote in Challenge #3 at [ profile] spn_iconathon! We've got some REALLY awesome entries this week so head over there and vote for your favourites, with some reasons why you enjoy them. :)

I saw 300 last night )

So today (yesterday now, but whatever) marked 10 years since Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered on the teevee. Oh, Buffy. My first fandom. I watched Buffy from the VERY beginning, meaning the movie. I loved the movie. I STILL love the movie, in fact. And then I heard of the TV show and my mom and I started watching and followed it for seven years. Well, me more than my mom but she'd watch it, too. Today the series, for me, ends with season 5 as was Joss' original vision for it. While my favourite episode ("Conversations with Dead People") is in season 7 and there were a couple other episodes I really liked in those last two seasons for me "The Gift" is the finale.

I didn't actually discover "fandom" until season 7 when I stumbled across fanfic and icons and PEOPLE. And then began my descent into madness. I met the people who would become the Fcukers (in a different incarnation, but the core people are still the same), wrote some bad fanfic, made some bad icons and started to hate Sarah Michelle Gellar and, in turn, Buffy as a character. I've distanced myself from the show enough now over time and emotionally that I've started to re-watch the series. I stalled at the end of season 2 but all the Buffy nostalgia posts on my flist today makes me want to keep going. And I've been jazzed for the Buffy comic season 8 that's coming out this week, I think.

It was a good time for me, during the run of that series.

SPN_Fridayfive )

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Supernatural 1x04 set 1 (489 caps ~ 39MB) // Supernatural 1x04 set 2 (489 caps ~ 36.7MB) // Supernatural 1x04 set 3 (491 caps ~ 35.1MB) // gallery

Dude, I know! I'm not stupid! )
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SERENITY OMG. Wow. Wow wow wow. Amazing. AMAZING.

In which I squee and blather and spoil at large )

I do have a question about River's role in the movie, however. Just need some clairification... )

But yeah, LOVE. And icons. Maaaaaany icons.

We also had the scavenger hunt dinner tonight. It was at a really fancy restaurant. :| :| We're from the Empire. You do the math. We REALLY didn't belong there. But it was fun and I'm sure we drove our server crazy, so it was a successful night.



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