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seriously LOL!

In other news I have NO idea why I'm still up. I am, however, watching season 1 of Haven and am... rather unimpressed? I dunno.

I've also already watched 5 movies this year (yes, I know the year is about 28-ish hours old):
01. Fright Night
02. Red State
03. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (watched w/ Mom who hadn't seen it).
04. Friends with Benefits
05. Horrible Bosses

RS was definitely the best, followed by FWB. FN was pretty shitty and HB wasn't funny.

That is all.
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Originally posted by [ profile] its_ender at in case you were wondering the circumstances

Journalism at its finest.

2 Broke Girls caps and possible some icons coming up later.
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Oh hey, Maria Menunos?

Blow drying in sections, hot rollers, gel, piecing with your fingers, finger tousling and then spraying, flipping, spraying is NOT an easy thing to do. You and the trained stylist who did your hair for you may think so for most normal people? Not so much.

And chick with the secret speedstick arid lady dry whatever the fuck deodorant you're trying to say is SO awesome? Just because your armpits are 'smooth and fresh' or whatever doesn't mean you go around acting like a giant airhead and being a douchebag on the street.

I'm re-writing the Sam/Bobby thing. It was going weird the first time.

Er, you know. More weird than Sam/Bobby would normally be, that is. :|
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So yesterday Peta decided to turn the senseless murder of a young Canadian kid into fodder for their cause.

Today the Westboro Baptist Church has jumped on board the crazy train but they're going to be stopped in their tracks. They were going to come up here and protest at the young man's funeral because they think his death was God being angry for a filthy way of life.

I just... guys, what the hell? How can these people seriously believe that this 22 year-old kid DESERVED TO GET BEHEADED because he was a 'rebel'? And that GOD caused it?! Or approved of it or WHATEVER crazy shit they believe in.

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So the JCP commercial ripping off The Breakfast Club for me was sacrilege enough. But I've just heard something that I know will bother a lot more people even more. Even though I'm not really a fan I know it's a bad idea and I'm dreading it.

MTV to remake "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

(I feel like I should duck and cover my ears here)

The ONTD post and the Coming Sooon post.

Jesus Christ, Hollywood. Get some fucking ORIGINAL ideas. Like Repo! The Genetic Rock Opera or whatever it's called. Musical, sci-fi, ORIGINAL.

Gonna post textures in a bit and do hardcore work on my Sweet Charity icons. I made 20 last night so woo!
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While collecting links for [ profile] spnnewsletter I came across a link posted by [ profile] nardsarmy which led me to even more links. A student at Yale in the art department has decided to make her senior final project about 9 months of continually inseminating herself and then taking drugs to force a miscarriage, filming it and collecting the results. :| :| :|

Cut for thoughts on the matter and contact info for the pres of Yale )

[ETA] [ profile] nemo_88 pointed this statement from the Office of Public Affairs out. It seems that the 'artist' in question has said she did NOT inseminate herself, she did NOT miscarry any fetuses and it's all performance art. It's still extremely fishy, imo, because that information that's been in blogs all over the internet today came from SOMEWHERE. Either she planted the info herself or a journalist got carried away on their own. Someone's touched in the head.
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At my job over the summer the computer I used had a lot of joke emails in a folder in my account. I forwarded a couple to myself because someday I'd really like to try some of these.

Things to say to a telemarketer )

15 Things to do in Walmart )


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