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See it here at [ profile] morbid_girls

Have now started Generation Kill. Not sure what to think yet. It's certainly intriguing. It's a pretty show, for sure. And I like seeing Alexander SkarsgÄrd in something other than True Blood. I like the way he sounds.

The Zombie Diaries was not that great. At all. Very Blair Witch Project and the characters weren't very appealing or intriguing.

I think I'll be doing an icon dump because I've just noticed icons in my folder from December of '07. I NEED to stop hoarding.
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These are the icons I made for [ profile] deirdre_c for Sweet Charity!

See them all here at [ profile] morbid_girls

Created in CS3, uses gradient maps. Difficulty from 1-10: probably a 4-5?

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See the whole tutorial here at [ profile] morbid_girls.

I am also open to requests if there are other icons you'd like to see tutorials for. Please see the linked post to request.


May. 3rd, 2009 08:46 pm
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See it here at [ profile] morbid_girls

Feel free to request other tutorials or ask questions over there, too!

And I still have spots open at my post to request a drabble!
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I didn't get one lick of writing done this weekend. It feels like it's just flown by, which irritates me to no end. Why can't we always have three day weeks? Ugh.

Anyway, thought I'd do up a couple tutorials for shits and giggles.



NO selective colouring in these. See them here at [ profile] morbid_girls.

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Well shit. Spoiler for tonight's Canadian Idol... not that any of the Canucks on my flist actually watch this, I don't think? )

Overall work is going well so far. I'm SO GLAD to be out of the other department. I can feel relaxed now. I think maybe while I was in the other I was holding a lot of tension, which makes sense. I've felt like a huge weight is lifted now that I'm out of there.

I had some thinky-thoughts about finding my place and whatnot in the past couple days but I think I'll wait a couple more days to put them into real words because maybe I'm on some sort of initial new-job high. But things are good. I laugh. I'm good at the job. I get to deal with sometimes crazy people. It is good.

I posted another tutorial!

Go from to this:

See it here at [ profile] morbid_girls.
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I has a tutorial! It's a CS3 tutorial with optional selective colouring and a bit of a mini-tutorial on masks.

Go from this: to this:

And this time I'll remember the link! See the tutorial here at [ profile] morbid_girls.

I love making tutorials so if anyone's ever curious or would like to see one for a particular icon, let me know!

And hey, if you guys have some spare moments today can you vote at [ profile] likethegun_lims?

I'm actually looking FORWARD to going to work tomorrow!
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September 18th, boys and girls! That means we have two months from yesterday to sit out until the season 4 premiere.

Took the CW long enough. *makes face*

All I want to do today is make tutorials and post icons or something, is that wrong? Maybe I will and annoy the shit out the community. Speaking of:

This is a Claire from Lost tutorial, made in CS3. It's super simple, super short (five steps!) AND has no selective colouring. Whee!

Go from -->

To see this tutorial, or others check out this post.
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I was in SUCH a horrible mood earlier. I woke up with a bad headache this morning which I think is from sleeping so hard on the side of my face that it made my jaw ache. I'm exhausted today so thank god for two days off, which I'm taking the full time of. Fuck work.

Once I ate and had some time to myself to calm down and relax I started feeling better. I see from reading my flist that I'm not the only one in a poo-poo mood today, so rock on.

I was talking to [ profile] spuzz earlier and she was like- dude, I'm SO ahead of you on the icon posting thing. She's put up 21 icon posts, I've put up 9 as of tonight. So I need to do a severe clean out of my icon folder cause I have about 350 hanging around in there right now. Sick, eh? And most of them are SPN icons! LAME.

So icons!

02 x Various movies (Drive Me Crazy and The Faculty)
02 x Kristen Bell
05 x Planet Terror
05 x Angel
05 x Roswell
07 x various TV (Doctor Who, Aliens in America, One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights)
09 x Gossip Girl
10 x Skins

All 45 icons are here.

I've been wanting to make some posts for [ profile] morbid_girls for awhile, things like a font guide and a basic icon/tips guide, maybe an SPN caps colouring guide by season, etc. Is there anything anyone here wants to see? A specific icon tutorial? Anything? Please, let me know! And I'm working on my Sweet Charity icons AND I've still got those interest icons in the back of my mind!
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I posted a tutorial last night! My first one that's NOT SPN. If you see any icons I've made that you're curious about how I made just drop me a comment and I'll see if I have the .psd to make a tutorial out of it. Or I might be able to come up with something. Tutorials are fun!

Go from this
to or

And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?


There's a Feedback Meme happening right now. I am here. I'm going to try to reply to as many people as I can but, truth be told, I suck hardcore in the fic reading department. I honestly cannot remember the last SPN fic I read. Isn't that SAD? I have one open, [ profile] estei's latest, right now so I'll see if I can get through that one.


I can has valentine's? February is such a shitty, shitty month so this thing rocks hardcore. Please link me to your Valentinr because I think I missed a bunch.


There's some Superbowl thing going on today at the pub that's close and they're having super cheap wings today (usually it's Wednesdays)--2$/dozen. But that's seriously the only reason why I'm thinking of going. There are going to be a bunch of people from my programme there and while I can take a couple of them now in short doses they're NOT the people that I want to sit around, shooting the shit and having drinks with. There are a couple people who seriously drive me to rant to the point of screaming. Eh, it's not like the wings are even THAT good, right? Sure, they have dill pickle wings but they're SO NOT good for you and they make me feel like ass after. And I don't even understand football.

So. Yeah.


Thanks to everyone who commented on last night's post with links to comms and stuff for fashion/modeling pictures. I'm going to check them out today!
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Is anyone else having the WORST TIME EVER viewing people's entries? I don't know what the fuck is up. ... Huh. I just cleared my cache. Problem solved. That's only been FIVE HOURS of frustration. Clearly, I IZ SMRAT.

I've been sick with the flu since Monday night and I've gone to a few classes and whatnot but every time I went to make a post or something I just kind of flopped around and said fuck it. But there is something I've been noticing that's irritated the snot right out of me. (Mmm, great mental image, eh?)

On being lazy when someone makes a tutorial )

On the issue of selective colouring )

Tutorials should inspire you to try something new, teach you something you didn't know before, show you a new way of doing something. It shouldn't tell you to do something in a certain way on every single icon so you can make 300 icons that look exactly the same.

Some of the best tutorials I've ever seen are ones that teach me a different way I was already doing something, or trying to. This one by [ profile] letsey_x is amazing. And entries like this at [ profile] weapons_icons are a gold mine. Looking through tutorials on wallpapers or banners are really awesome because they usually incorporate colouring, textures and sometimes multiple images or maniping. If you're looking for maniping tuts [ profile] lostt1 did a quick and dirty one here and [ profile] nemo_88 did a couple awesome ones here and here.

When you're just starting out tutorials are great for learning the basics; it's how I learned because the PSP "help" wasn't helpful at all. But there comes a certain point when you stop being led around your programme by the hand and start experimenting and making your own tutorials. A lot of the time the icons you're drawn to the most probably aren't complex, dozen-layer feats. With a little experimentation it's easy to come up with a variation like it or something even better. Just give it a go!

And now I've finished my slightly ranty-rant. I haven't posted something like this in awhile. I think it's time for a nap. Also, this might be my new favourite icon. *hides*


Jul. 8th, 2007 04:31 am
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It's way too late to be up right now but I've had a productive day (got my hair done, cleaned out the fridge, made supper, cleaned my room, finished sending out icons for [ profile] spn_iconathon) so I might as well keep the streak going before I go to bed.

ATTENTION ICONMAKERS (or icon aficionados)

I'm looking for GREAT tutorials. Preferably ones for SPN icons (those caps can be so tricky) but any really great tutorial will work. If you know of any awesome icon/graphic tutorials for SPN caps or ones that would work for those caps please link them here. I have some in my memories and at my delicious account but I know there are a lot more out there. Anything to do with lightening caps is good, too.

Also, if you have any favourite resource (texture, brushes, gradients, stock) makers, especially ones in SPN fandom, please link them as well.


May. 15th, 2007 11:08 pm
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I just posted two Supernatural tutorials for a couple icons over at my icon community, [ profile] momentofglee.

01. From this: to

02. From this: to

See them both here.

Feel free to request another tutorial over there, if you want. I'm hoping to post more icons soon-ish, as well.

Also, I've started watching the One Tree Hill pilot tonight. I didn't get very far yet because I got distracted but still. This is the start of my descent into madness, isn't it?icons:


Mar. 22nd, 2007 12:24 am
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Check me out, updating my user info for the first time since... um, the Sam and Dean in the Impala layout? Which was... a year ago or something stupid like that? Yeah. I don't know how well I like this and the concept didn't totally come across like it did in my head but it's better than the old one that was there with the QaF stuff and colour bars and whatever.

Know what's fun?! Fic! [ profile] lostt1 posted the final part of her Ficmix series Touch (or a Step by Step Guide to Seduction)! It's Jsquared and totally sweet, and comes with some awesome music to boot!

Also, my darling [ profile] dorkdance posted some SPN icons in a multi-fandom icon post here in her comm [ profile] explodeycakes.

This morning I posted an icon tutorial in my icon journal, [ profile] momentofglee for this:


AND, [ profile] estrella30 has a nifty comment survey-type thing happening over here and it made me think about which episodes I hold highest from both seasons. Head over, think about what s1 and s2 episodes you'd take with you to a deserted island and then read some of the comments to see if you're still as convicted as you thought.

I know I have comments to answer from the past couple of days, I'm working on it. Promise.

And now I'm finally ready to work on BigBang but I have to go to bed. :|


Mar. 21st, 2007 11:22 am
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I posted a tutorial here for the icon I'm using right now. Go check it out!

Also, I got hit with overwhelming excitement for the new episode. *sits on hands and tries to make time pass faster* I can't even explain what it is that's made me so excited for it all of a sudden. Whee!
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Iiiii... am staying up as late as I can because we're (my uncle and I) going Boxing Day shopping at like- 5am. Yes, we ARE insane and yes, I AM going to have fun. I might have to lie down for an hour or two, though. Just to get SOME rest before I brave the wilds of electronics and clothing.

I have managed to keep myself awake by posting another icon tutorial at [ profile] momentofglee! I posted one here for this icon:

Feel free to friend my icon journal or request a tutorial if you want to, over there. I'm actually doing really well at these.

I need to, however, stop procrastinating on my fic responsibilities and get my ass in gear. I am SO CLOSE to finishing one [ profile] slashfest fic and I can feel the second one start to itch in my fingers. The [ profile] spn_holidays one is not doing much for me, however. And [ profile] avioletmermaid? I've STARTED your prompt fic thing. I can't promise it'll be done soon but it's THERE and I WANT to finish it. I actually have an idea!

I think there was something else I wanted to say but I forget like whoa. Merry Christmas! I posted Torchwood caps and Doctor Who caps! Check out [ profile] momentofglee!

Oh! I remember! Smashmouth- So Insane!

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I posted another icon tutorial that can be seen here for . Feel free to request a tutorial here.

I've finished wrapping my Christmas gifts and they're all under the tree. Now I just have to fill out a card for my aunt and uncle and I'm set. It doesn't feel like Christmas but it never does to me anyway. One good thing about this year is that I don't feel overly depressed like usual. It just... is. Everyone please keep their fingers crossed that the weather cooperates for my mom so she can get to her cousin's for Christmas. I don't want her spending it alone. :(

If I don't talk to anyone tomorrow or post HAPPY HOLIDAYS! May it be a happy, safe and peaceful one for us all. Live long and prosper. Whatever.
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I just posted a tutorial for this icon at my icon journal, [ profile] momentofglee. You can see it here, if you're interested. If you want to request a tutorial you can do so in this post.

*procrastinates from further fic challenges more*

OH! Would anyone happen to have the clean version of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl"? I know I'm about a year late in asking but I've just never been able to find it and thought of it earlier tonight. I'd be more than happy to offer a trade. Just ask!
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I just opened a request post over at [ profile] momentofglee for tutorials. I don't know if there's any interest in that but I thought I'd offer before I open an icon request post up. It's also a way for me to procrastinate from my fic challenge responsibilities. *hides*

Check out this post, see if there's anything there's you're interested in and comment to that post if you'd like to see a tut for anything.
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I don't know if anyone will have any interest in this tutorial but I rather liked the icon and since I actually saved the layers I thought I'd put it up. :D

Learn how to turn into

Oh Gale. You so speshul. )

I created this for [ profile] actors100 so it's not up for grabs yet but I hope to stop procrastinating (*loves amazingly on new banner*) and get my first batch posted for that challenge in the next few days. *crosses fingers*

If you use this tutorial in any way to help make something I'd love to see it!
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I posted this earlier to [ profile] icon_tutorial but I thought I'd stick it here as well, in case anyone else could get use out of it.

I'm probably the last person that should write a tutorial given I've just started to get the hang of proper icon making a little while ago (compared to what I used to do) but I liked the way this icon came out so well I thought I'd share. Big thanks to [ profile] nikita_80 for looking this over for me before I posted so it didn't sound wonky.

Tutorial for PSP 8 users )

Hope this helps someone! Enjoy!


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