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Birthdate:Jul 16
Website:Rockstar Pink

The technical stuff

- Erin (or Mari, call me what you like), 28, Canadian.
- This is a fandom-oriented journal. Personal entries are flocked, depending on content, but their frequency varies. Content is usually mundane and run-of-the-mill.
- I'm a university and college grad, employed.
- I love animals and summer.
- My fandom contributions are fic, caps, and icons at [info]morbid_girls (with [info]spuzz), among other things.
- I've been failing on the Im front but on AIM I'm Makemyownfun.
The fun stuff

- I'm a bit low-key with fandom right now but I'm most interested in The Vampire Diaries. I also watch Doctor Who, Torchwood and I've become enamoured with Hellcats since the premiere. I also adore Community and I still hang on to Gossip Girl, although I'm a passive viewer, in the fandom sense. I watch a lot more shows than I feel fannish about (One Tree Hill, Primeval, Fringe, etc.
- Formerly of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Queer as Folk, Supernatural, Lost, Firefly, Prison Break, Veronica Mars, Angel.
- I'm involved in a bunch of communities--Check them out!

The other stuff

- Layout by [info]mentahelada, rotating banner code/instructions by [info]caugraphics
- Ruby moodtheme by myself, animated SPN moodtheme by [info]speakfree&[info]aredhel4, Twilight moodtheme by [info]averillovessev, The Vampire Diaries theme by [info]cattycass
-All fandom-related posts are unlocked. Feel free to friend me if you're snagging any of that stuff. I only ask that you comment and credit when you do.
- Got questions or comments? Feel free to look to my stickied post.
- I prefer to friend people who are 18+ and who I have more in common with than, say, a common appreciation for Supernatural (or whatever). If we have some of the same friends, have had contact previously, or enjoy more common interests than just one or two I'm more likely to friend you back. I enjoy active friends, people who post more than quiz results in their journal, someone who I could have a discussion with about any number of things.
- If I've friended you it's because I like the things you post, the fic you write or the icons you make.
- I'm not a constant commenter. If you prefer your friends to comment a certain amount to remain friended, I'm not the friend for you. I comment when I feel I have something of substance to say, not for the sake of commenting. I expect that of my friends, as well.
-Every day is Defriending Amnesty Day here. If we don't click anymore, feel free to defriend because I'll do the same. Above all, I hope you have fun here!
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