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seriously LOL!

In other news I have NO idea why I'm still up. I am, however, watching season 1 of Haven and am... rather unimpressed? I dunno.

I've also already watched 5 movies this year (yes, I know the year is about 28-ish hours old):
01. Fright Night
02. Red State
03. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (watched w/ Mom who hadn't seen it).
04. Friends with Benefits
05. Horrible Bosses

RS was definitely the best, followed by FWB. FN was pretty shitty and HB wasn't funny.

That is all.


Nov. 23rd, 2011 07:16 pm
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Originally posted by [ profile] jamesinboots at psa
Via [ profile] mickeym, please go check out [ profile] lexicale's entry on the Salvation Army and why you should re-think tossing any change in their collection bins this year.
The Salvation Army is a church not a charity. They are an anti-gay religious group that openly discriminates in its hiring process and denies benefits to same-sex partners. They are also pro-life.

But more significantly, they use the money they get to pay lobbyists to pass anti-gay legislation.

Here is a list of legislative action that the Salvation Army has funded to deny homosexuals their rights, or even make homosexual sex a criminal act.

For every dollar you put in their bucket, some of it will be spent to oppress gay men and women and make the world a worse place.

Here is a PDF from their own website detailing their bigoted and ugly views on sexuality -- a view point that has contributed to the bullying of and suicide of gay teens in this country.

There is the argument that they do feed the hungry -- and they do -- but please keep this in mind.

In 2004, when NYC planned to require businesses to extend benefits to same-sex partners, the Salvation Army threatened to close all their soup kitchens and leave the city. To be clear: The Salvation Army would rather people starve to death than recognize the rights of gay people.

[ profile] lexicale also linked to some great charities you could consider donating to instead of the Salvation Army:
The Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Habitat for Humanity
The Trevor Project

If you'd like to find a local charity, I'd suggest looking at places like Charity Navigator and Guide Star to find more information on non-profits.
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So yesterday Peta decided to turn the senseless murder of a young Canadian kid into fodder for their cause.

Today the Westboro Baptist Church has jumped on board the crazy train but they're going to be stopped in their tracks. They were going to come up here and protest at the young man's funeral because they think his death was God being angry for a filthy way of life.

I just... guys, what the hell? How can these people seriously believe that this 22 year-old kid DESERVED TO GET BEHEADED because he was a 'rebel'? And that GOD caused it?! Or approved of it or WHATEVER crazy shit they believe in.

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While collecting links for [ profile] spnnewsletter I came across a link posted by [ profile] nardsarmy which led me to even more links. A student at Yale in the art department has decided to make her senior final project about 9 months of continually inseminating herself and then taking drugs to force a miscarriage, filming it and collecting the results. :| :| :|

Cut for thoughts on the matter and contact info for the pres of Yale )

[ETA] [ profile] nemo_88 pointed this statement from the Office of Public Affairs out. It seems that the 'artist' in question has said she did NOT inseminate herself, she did NOT miscarry any fetuses and it's all performance art. It's still extremely fishy, imo, because that information that's been in blogs all over the internet today came from SOMEWHERE. Either she planted the info herself or a journalist got carried away on their own. Someone's touched in the head.


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