Apr. 25th, 2008 11:07 pm
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I just took a video of my packing progress with my camera. I'm gonna have to squeeze stuff in a lot of places, it looks like.

P.S. - I thought it would be easier to see my dvd shelf if I turned the camera sideways, like you would a picture. :| CLEARLY I AM NOT A CAMERA OPERATOR BY TRADE.

If there's anything you guys want me to take a video of or make commentary on I'm willing to give it a go. A video of something I do, a rant, a tutorial, anything you think would be cool seeing a video of. I can't promise it'll be exciting, LOL.
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I'm done, I'm done, I'm done. I've passed in everything that was required of me to end this godforsaken course. I'm done. I'll get my diploma at... some point, I don't even know when. Grad is on the 25th and while I've applied to graduate I haven't paid for the cap and gown because I've been through this a couple times already so I don't think I need to sit through another of those.

So now I can work on Big Bang (Good LORD I need to work on my Big Bang)! And read. And look for a job. And GET BETTER. I can do shit that won't depress the fuck out of me every day! I'm DONE.

And to celebrate my roommate and I.... sat on the side of the road in her broken down car on one of the busiest roads in the city. :| It was kind of fun, I suppose, although less for her since it's HER car. Once we got it back to the res it started up fine but she's going to get her dad to look at it when he gets here tomorrow for a visit.

I might buy a bike. I'm excited!

AND AND! I think I might post icons tonight. I've had those request icons done for awhile but didn't want to post them until I was finished everything else. AND NOW I AM. FOREVER!


:D :D

Mar. 27th, 2008 08:55 am
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I posted this really late last night so it probably got lost but I still need a beta for a fic I finally finished.

I'm going to a bacon brunch this morning. Yeah, it's weird. I should shower since we have to be there in an hour...
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A group of guys (maybe two? At opposite ends?) just serenaded pretty much the whole campus with a rousing rendition of Denis Leary's "Asshole".

Oh, boys.
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You know, I've never been a big fan of Jensen and Daneel. I mean, I don't care or anything, but since they're not out there like Jared and Sandy are they don't blip on my radar. I don't know what to think of her (and I'm SO SURE she is waiting for my approval), aside from what fans say in passing (which I call bullshit on half the time, so whatever).

But hearing Jensen say (or reading that he said) that Daneel is a best friend made me all squishy inside. C'mon you guys! Show up at a premiere together, or go out for dinner or something. ANYTHING! Show us how cute you two crazy kids are!

That was mentioned, among other things such as Jensen hinting that Dean might be all for prostituting himself for money to keep the hunting going, Jared smells, and Jared plays a good straight man.

In other news I just watched the CSI with K-Fed, Meredith Monroe's in this one and I watched Ice Princess earlier today. I'M SO HARDCORE!

HOMG I need to get an idea for my Big Rock ad ASAP. I've had a month to do it and I STILL can't come up with anything. It's due tomorrow! Suck.
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Class is cancelled. Class is cancelled. Classiscancelled. CLASS IS CANCELLED. CLASS IS CANCELLED.

And I actually worked on a chunk of my assignment last night. :(


I'm going back to bed!

Dammit. I no longer have any really excited icons.

Hey! Hows about y'all link me to icon posts that you've flipped over in the past week or so? I have some I've been combing through but I'd like to get a wide variety. Pretty please?

In the meantime, Maxxie!bum will have to suffice.
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I'm going to be on the TEEVEE tomorrow! It's for something I hate but at least I get SOMETHING out of being the ad manager for the magazine. Not that I WANTED to be on tv, but it's recognition, you know?

The guy who interviewed us (my co-ad manager and I, and the two editors) was short and his pants hung low. Yes, I looked at his crotch while he was interviewing us. :|

Testimonials meme // my thread

I'll try to reply to some this afternoon when I get back from class. That I have to show up to early to today so I can get a seat because, for some reason, the programme decided our comm law class was the perfect time/place to have a presentation from a university about their transfer programme. Yeah, whatever.
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I'm supposed to be in class right now but Jen (my roommate) and I left WAY early. Like- 2.5 hours of 3 early. It's a stupid, bullshit class where we do bullshit stuff so Jen and I were like- we understand what's going on so we're working on it at home.

Since the beginning of the semester, in January, we've been working on this PR plan for a fictional hospital. We have a series of tasks to do to get said hospital ready for a massive fund raising drive in 2010. So we've been listing ways to achieve each task, setting a budget and time line for them and appointing one of three employees to get them done. Right now we're on the step to write up a job description for each of the three employees, based on the tasks we've assigned them.

WE'VE BEEN DOING THIS SINCE JANUARY. Want to know the most maddening part? SOME PEOPLE IN MY CLASS STILL DON'T GET IT. This thing is due next Wednesday so I'll take a half hour out over the weekend or something and finish it. Insanity. This programme was NOT meant for people who have already been through university or been working and understand the concept of REAL pressure and deadlines.

The real reason for this post? When I woke up this morning I was in that floaty place where I could hear the music from my alarm but I could easily have slept through it, too. But my brain decided to say, "BRB, posting to"

:| :| :|

I HAVE NO IDEA. That's seriously what woke me up. I wasn't dreaming, I was just waking up and for some reason my brain decided to send THAT through my head. Weirdest thing ever.
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No big surprises, imo. But. Did it look to anyone else like the style this year was dresses with weird accoutrement's, no makeup and hair that looked like the celebs just stuck their heads out the windows of their limos on the way to the show?

I now understand why so many people on my flist are addicted to Project Runway. The Canadian version is a hoot!

SO NOT looking forward to school this week. Some people in my programme don't seem to realize that their decisions and actions affect everyone else down the chain from them. One of the fast trackers is a total and complete cow. She has a family, she's been in the work force for a long time before coming back to school. She SHOULD know how to deal with deadlines and how to keep her shit together. She's also one of the EDITORS for the magazine we're going into production on TOMORROW MORNING.

Because of her and her inability to see beyond her own wants, needs and selfishness the story editing isn't done, which HAD to be done today (and her co-editor waited for her in the lab ALL day today to finish it) and my co-manager for advertising and I might be screwed because she didn't see the need to put her ads in the folder to be checked to make sure they're not fucked up (which they likely will be because she doesn't understand the technology we use. At all). We even extended the deadline for everyone to have them in until this past Friday and yet she still couldn't seem to get her shit together.

She knew the due date. She's done this to one of the other ad managers on the newspaper before. I might lose my shit on her tomorrow. I'm so fucking SICK of this programme and the stupid people in it.

I didn't mean to put all that down but it's bugging me hardcore. It's better to get it out.
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I'm unbelievably directionally impaired. I have no concept of distance, I don't understand where I am when use a different door of a building I use daily, I can't get my brain to figure that stuff out. I just DON'T GET IT. When I go anywhere someone else navigates or I ask the drivers which bus I should take when I use them, which usually works well.

I had to go see an ad client today at her office on one of the main drags in the city. I asked a waiting bus driver who told me to take EITHER the 23 or 24. The 24 arrived and on the scroll thingie it said 'link to street'. I got on at 3:15 but a half hour later I was sitting at an exchange terminal on the other side of the city, waiting.

I approached the bus driver to ask how long it would be until we'd get to the street. She told me not until 4pm, then asked where I got on. Apparently I took the wrong bus, that I should have been on the 23.

I relayed that the bus driver said I should take EITHER 23 or 24, which, to me, meant whichever one was there, not that BOTH would be there. She said I should have asked BOTH bus drivers, that I'd learned a lesson and laughed at me. When I said I'd seen her scroll thingie said 'link to street' she said that was where she was COMING from, not where she was going.

*FACEPALM* I made it to my client for a three minute meeting that took 45 minutes to get to. AND? The bus driver was talking on her cell phone as she drove. This city sucks.

I need some Torchwood lovin' now. OH! And welcome to all the new people from my friending bender!
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Jesus, I hate this fucking programme. I wish now I'd given in and not come back for second semester. I like two of my classes and I just DON'T CARE about the rest.

Isn't it sad to be in a programme only so you can get that piece of paper at the end of the term that doesn't even guarantee you a job? EFF EFF EFF.
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I posted a tutorial last night! My first one that's NOT SPN. If you see any icons I've made that you're curious about how I made just drop me a comment and I'll see if I have the .psd to make a tutorial out of it. Or I might be able to come up with something. Tutorials are fun!

Go from this
to or

And I said what about Breakfast at Tiffany's?


There's a Feedback Meme happening right now. I am here. I'm going to try to reply to as many people as I can but, truth be told, I suck hardcore in the fic reading department. I honestly cannot remember the last SPN fic I read. Isn't that SAD? I have one open, [ profile] estei's latest, right now so I'll see if I can get through that one.


I can has valentine's? February is such a shitty, shitty month so this thing rocks hardcore. Please link me to your Valentinr because I think I missed a bunch.


There's some Superbowl thing going on today at the pub that's close and they're having super cheap wings today (usually it's Wednesdays)--2$/dozen. But that's seriously the only reason why I'm thinking of going. There are going to be a bunch of people from my programme there and while I can take a couple of them now in short doses they're NOT the people that I want to sit around, shooting the shit and having drinks with. There are a couple people who seriously drive me to rant to the point of screaming. Eh, it's not like the wings are even THAT good, right? Sure, they have dill pickle wings but they're SO NOT good for you and they make me feel like ass after. And I don't even understand football.

So. Yeah.


Thanks to everyone who commented on last night's post with links to comms and stuff for fashion/modeling pictures. I'm going to check them out today!
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This might be my new favourite icon.

Okay, is it GUARANTEED that if you thaw hamburger, and then re-freeze it without cooking that you're gonna get sick? Cause I accidentally did that last night. I thawed the meat, made hamburgers and froze the ones I didn't cook last night. I want to have another one tonight so like- am I doomed? My roommate says that if I cook it completely I'll be okay. Anyone have any experience with this?

I changed my layout. I was going to go with a new header only but I changed everything up. I don't know if I like it yet or not. I'm trying to get a tiered tag list to the side. I have the code and everything but it means making a theme layer which I don't get since I just put the layout code in the custom css box in the customization area. Um... help? I think it's TRYING because the tags are nudged over a little on the list but they're not tiered. I'd like to find a way to put an 'update' link up in my navigation bar, too. I had one on my old layout and it was so much easier than going to my user info, then to update. Help x 2?

Does anyone know any really great forums/comms/sites for fashion images? I've found a couple on my own but nothing has what I'm looking for. Last night [ profile] spuzz linked this icon by [ profile] vibrator but when she asked the maker they didn't remember where they got the image from. There are a few more here. At this point I just want to find the damn things since I've been looking, and it's driving me. I'm also curious where there might be other cool fashion pictures, too. So if anyone has any can you hook me up?

I didn't do this last year so here it is for 2008!

My Valentinr - marishna
Get your own valentinr

I feel like I want to say more but I don't think I have anything else to say. I want to write and icon all at once tonight. I SHOULD be working on my ad design but whatevs. I'm in denial and grumpy about the whole school thing again. Maybe I'll post some icons tonight. Or make some resources. That might be fun.

Is anyone hanging out on AIM tonight? Hit me up! Fcukermari
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Username meme // my thread


SO NOT a fan of 8am meetings. Especially ones that I really didn't need to show up for. LAME.


I think my roommate is finally doing the dishes. Usually I break and do them because I just can't stand the clutter and mess. BUT I HELD STRONG this time! And now they are being done. Success! The way she does dishes drives me (you can't stack bowls INSIDE of each other and expect them to dry!) but they're getting done. If that's the only thing that really irks me about living with her I'd say I need to shut the hell up, eh?


It's -34 outside right now but the wind has died down. My lips still get numb but my boogies only freeze a little when I'm outside! TMI? Sorry.


I have to start job searching for serious because Spring break is in about 20 days (I know, freakishly early, eh?) and if I can set up interviews for that time I'll fly to Toronto to make the rounds. We'll see what I can find. The job at the magazine I saw there fell through as they're already in interviews, but that's okay. I wasn't crushed when I found out and I expected as much anyway.


I've been capping s2 SPN dvds again.

This week in Wonky Eyed Theatre )


I desperately need to finish some fic, any fic, for [ profile] vitamin_fic by Thursday (new SPN day! WOO!). I have one SO CLOSE but I've just been so damn tired when I WANT to write lately. And very unfocused. Sucks. I'm also going to change up my layout, I just have to work on a new header which has been proving more difficult than necessary.


How did Monday treat you all?


Jan. 22nd, 2008 04:49 pm
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[ profile] the_lj_herald just posted an entry saying that LJ is slow and it might be attributed to Heath Ledger's death (what? You didn't know?). I think that's a pretty strong leap. And while I feel bad it happened and for his family, etc, I'm not broken up over it. *shrugs* People die.

In other news that directly affects my RL there's this job I'm thinking of applying for in TO. It's with a gay and lesbian publication but it's been on Monster for over a month now so I doubt it's still open. I'm going to email the contact and see what's what, see if there's anything else available in the same area or if they hire summer students or something. That could turn into something just as good. I'm kind of nervous, though, because I still have two months of this course left (we were told that if we get a job early they could arrange for us to be done in March) so I don't want to be like- the person they've been looking for only to be told that they can't take me because of this stupid programme.

I made my 800th SPN icon last night. Fun times. I think I might post some later.
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I posted textures! Click the image to go to the post.


- There's a great discussion on writing sex scenes going on over here @ [ profile] spnroundtable
- These icons by [ profile] rerapped are AWESOME. There are various celebs, some Gossip Girl, Skins, HP icons. Lovely!
- These icons are awesome sauce, as well, by [ profile] abernathi. They make really great icons and there are some SPN ones in that set, as well!


[ profile] winchestercon is being held in Boston in October this year! I wasn't sure if I wanted to go again after last year, if maybe I went, saw, bought the t-shirt and was ready to be done, but I REALLY want to go again. I'm kind of set on being on Toronto once I finish with this course and HAVE to start prospecting and getting my portfolio started and whatnot to get going on finding a job. It's an hour and a half flight each way or a nine hour drive from the general TO area. It seems so far away when you count the months but they FLY BY. I have to SAVE SAVE SAVE to go, basically. Cause once I'm done here I really am tossed out on my ass into the big, bad world forever and ever, amen.


What looks to be my favourite class this semester is taught by the instructor I have the least respect for. It's communication law which sounds absolutely drop-dead boring but it's SO AWESOME. Maybe I should have done law, after all. And my instructor's had a personality transplant or something.


OH! I meant to mention this last week because I was SO IMPRESSED but I forgot. I bought over 100$ worth of stuff from La Senza (our Victoria's Secret- Literally, because it was sold to VS in the past couple years) for 60 cents. YES. SIXTY CENTS. I had 75$ in Christmas gift cards, then 10% off with my prestige card AND I had a 20$ off a purchase of 100$ or more coupon. SCORE. I bought 5 pairs of underwear, slippers, an awesome robe and two sets of jammies/lounge wear. I would wear ONLY La Senza stuff 24/7 if I thought I could get away with it.


Did I mention I bought When a Stranger Calls last week because I saw Katie Cassidy on the back cover and was like- I HAVE TO CAP THAT! ? *facepalm* It's one thing to buy Devour or House of Wax (Which I love, btw) but to buy something like When a Stranger Calls because Katie's in it for what will probably turn out to be a whopping five minutes before she's filleted by the killer is either extreme dedication or a severe girl crush. I'm thinking it's a little of both. Oh, don't tell me if she dies or what happens. I want a SURPRISE. :D

Shit, weird Katie/Lauren RPS plot bunny just bit. *marge simpson grumble*


I want to write so badly right now but I think I'm going to bed early tonight. Like, before 1am. I'm currently writing a piece inspired by [ profile] cathybites' awesome demon!tail!Sam fic (if you don't know what that is, you haven't seen the awesome) and a fic to go with one of the fanmixes that ended up getting out of control from the fanmix meme almost a month ago. I suppose I could post a couple of the others but I'm still finding songs and really going overboard with this.

I REALLY need to start working on the other fics I have due and GOOD LORD, finish something before the end of the months for [ profile] vitamin_fic! I think I might make that filter anyway, just to hash out ideas and get inspiration and try to keep on track. I don't know if I'll post snippets or anything from my fics because that's like reading the whole fic before it's posted, but we'll see. I'll mull it over.


Mull. Hee.
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It's been a pretty good day so far. I finished an assignment last night and emailed it to the people who helped me out with it for their approval. I slept in this morning, later than intended, but it was good. I just checked my email and got a couple responses back about my assignment and they love it! I didn't realize I was nervous about their reactions until I got them, lol.

I finished the Ruby and Bela with Ruby/Bela tones to it last night. I'm waiting to hear back if [ profile] krylon_blue can/will beta it but if anyone else is interested in taking a look to offer suggestions, just leave your email and I can send a link through Google Docs.

About tags being limited to 1000. Is that individual tag categories or the total number of tags all added together within those categories? I is confused.

Has anyone else seen the promos on A&E for that new paranormal show? When I see them during the day I'm jazzed to watch the show but as soon as it's dark or in the middle of the night I have to turn away and not listen. I would make a horrible demon hunter.

I'm aiming to get another assignment or two done today, hopefully some writing and maybe post some icons. I heart no-class Fridays.

Dear Yahoo

Oct. 9th, 2007 09:08 am
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Please to be not fucking with the formatting of my emails, mmmkay? Go back to left alignment because I can't tell what's going on with this centering shit.

The meds I'm on for my abscessed tooth make me have a horrible taste in my mouth all the time. Like rancid hairspray. :| I'll be brushing my teeth a lot at Wincon. Speaking of, 48 hours from now I'll be in a shuttle being driven to the airport. *FULL-BODY SHUDDER OF EXCITEMENT*

And now I have to go get ready for a class that I want to commit justifiable homicide in. :|
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I'm currently slogging my way back through 720 entries on my flist because I've been working and busy doing the family thing (who are now all [thankfully] gone now) and I had to skip checking since about Wednesday. Last night was newsletter night so I couldn't do it then.

I got my new computer but I'm currently waiting for [ profile] lostt1 to pop online so I can get her to walk me through setting up a network so I can transfer my files between them, quick and easy. Yes, I do have an external drive that I could transfer everything to and then onto the new one but three years ago when I got the old computer I did the transfer thing all by myself and it worked beautifully. AND DAMMIT! It's going to work again! *stomps foot* Seriously, though, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Something's fucked up.

Does anyone have any experience with Rogers Wireless as their cell phone provider? Or any information on cell phone providers in Canada in general? [ profile] moveablehistory, I think you know some stuff? I DESPERATELY need a new phone/plan because when I move to school there's no phone (at my old uni we had a phone and local calls provided so we just dealt with the long distance ourselves) and my long distance will play a big factor. Rogers seems to be leading with the providers at the moment but I haven't been to Telus yet. Anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/experiences of their own to share?

Heard from my roommate. She seems SANE. Nice and quiet and sane. She's also not a frosh which is excellent and she's already graduated once (like me! Only just the once. :|) so she knows how to buckle down and not be a retard. I'm happy. :)

What's new with all of you?
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Feeling sort of shitty for the past couple of days. School starts up soon and while I do enjoy it and will enjoy my courses, I don't want to go back. I've had an awesome summer, coupled with far too many years at my current uni equals a generally discontented me. Blah. There's also been some work stuff (nothing horrendous, just unsettling) that's been hovering as well, so that doesn't help. And just some general health ickiness on top of it all.

I'm almost done my set of Gale icons for [ profile] actors100 (like- 8 icons away, I think) and I never thought I'd say this, but I don't want to make another Gale icon for a long time. I'm not Galed out, but there's only so many pictures of him and only so many ways you can look at them and want to move on to something different. But I've persisted and the set will likely be up by Thursday, by the latest.

Right now I'm feeling the need to do something else creative, something to get me out of this rut. So I'm asking for some prompts for drabbles. A pairing, situation, words, RPS, QaF, MAYBE Buffy, drabble gapfillers from my fics even- whatever. Hit me up. I have no qualms about squick, but I can't guarantee anything if the inspiration just isn't there. I'd even try my hand at some Firefly (OMG ONLY HAVE THREE EPS LEFT TO WATCH) drabbles, to see if I can get anything from it, but I really can't promise anything there.

Prompt me, baby.


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